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SymphonyAI Accelerate is the developer of EurekaAI and leverages the technology to accelerate the creation and commercialization of new AI applications.

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The SymphonyAI Accelerate team is responsible for EurekaAI, the enterprise AI platform empowering data scientists and business users alike. EurekaAI uniquely blends unsupervised, supervised, and semi-supervised machine learning capabilities to unearth new insights and predictions.

For Data Scientists

  • Unsupervised ML and feature engineering
  • Advanced algorithm hyperparameter tuning and selection
  • End-to-end model lifecycle management, external model support, and model curation
  • Integration into popular notebooks
  • Topological data analysis to reveal insights and hidden patterns in the data

For Business Users

  • Add your data to pre-trained ML models for deep analytical insights without writing code
  • Out of the box advanced visualizations, dashboards and guided workflows
  • One-click AutoML
  • Familiar BI-style visualizations, charts, dashboards
  • Easy-to-use packaged AI solutions designed for business subject matter experts

EurekaAI Enterprise Platform


Retail and CPG
Life Sciences
Fin Tech
Public Sector


Predictive Alerts and Recommendations
Low/ No Code Process/ Workflow/ App Orchestration
Intelligent Search and Exploration
Contextual Intelligence
Topological Data Analysis
AutoML and Explainable AI
Supervised, and Unsupervised ML
Data and Model Management


Retail and CPG
Life Sciences
Fin Tech
Public Sector

Platform Services

System Management

Improve supply chain performance, maximize revenue, and optimize category planning with breakthrough AI-powered SaaS solutions built to deliver the most valuable insights your data has to offer.

Revenue Growth Management – for Retail and CPG

AI-powered solutions provide the insights, recommendations, and optimized tactics to drive millions in top-line growth.

Integrated Category Planning – for Retail and CPG

Cloud-native, seamlessly integrated category planning suite to capture more customers, ring up bigger baskets, and maximize sales.

High-Performance Supply Chain – for Retail

Future-ready supply chain platform with true demand forecasting providing a single, unified inventory view to orchestrate and optimize data, people and processes – all with the market’s lowest TCO.

Real-world Data-as-a-Service

Underpinned by peer-reviewed and externally presented research, the leading solutions for translational sciences, clinical development, and post-approval medical research.

Enterprise AI for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Leading AI SaaS solutions for clinical development, precision care coordination, and evidence-driven patient care.


Optimize manufacturing operations and asset health while maximizing revenue with breakthrough AI-powered solutions delivering accurate, predictive insights.

Plant Operations

Predictive insights and visualized analytics for scalable process health and optimization, directed work, OCAP, inventory, paperless factory, materials verification, and smart changeover.

Plant and Asset Performance

Unsupervised machine learning, adaptive digital twins, and FMEA technologies detect anomalies and recognize complex, dynamic behavioral machinery patterns and contextual data to optimize the performance of assets, increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks.

Operational Visibility

AI-powered solutions optimize supply chain integration, traceability, sustainability, OCAP, truck check-in, materials verification, capacity and throughput, and recipe management.

People, Productivity, and Safety

Process automations and real-time monitoring reduce compliance risk, bring safety incidents to near zero, and increase productivity and yield.


Access the most advanced breakthroughs in AI and machine learning, built exclusively to mitigate the greatest revenue challenges in financial services.

Anti-money laundering

Discover anomalies, navigate networks, and provide critical context to reduce false positives and maintain risk coverage.

Financial Crime

Automatically capture customer behavior and issue alerts against suspicious activities to drive cost savings, operational efficiencies and heightened compliance.

Risk, Liquidity, and Profitability

Precisely assign and forecast key risk and profitability indicators, optimize the use of capital, and discover new sources of margin and profit.

KYX Intelligence

Identify actionable insights across your customer base to accurately predict risk, churn and product interest to protect these relationships and develop a competitive advantage.

Consumer Lending

Advanced autonomous analytics across the entire credit lifecycle improve new loan origination volume, optimize risk and return, drive operational efficiencies, and minimize loss on problem loans.


Pre-packed AI solutions deliver cutting-edge expert analysis to mission-critical national security systems operating in the most demanding environments around the world.


Rapidly pinpoint previously unseen cybersecurity threats, including external attacks, fraud, and insider threats.


Improvements in healthcare through optimized patient care and clinical variation management, next-generation AI-based imaging, and accelerated drug discovery and treatment.

IT Optimization

IT asset life cycle management and optimization, and operations management for server, network, and application monitoring to drive efficiencies and improved end-user experience.

Operations and Maintenance

Predictive maintenance and asset management for higher equipment availability, improved resource efficiencies and safety, and reduced costs.

Project Management

Intelligent, AI-based program management and insights using unsupervised machine learning to identify potential trouble areas and facilitate interdiction and remediation.

Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization

Identify complex sequences of events that impact supply chain and logistics operations and provide forecasting insights to optimize readiness.

Predictive Analytics

Explainable AI that simplifies production use of models without bias which are easier to build and sustain than traditional ML models. Find complex patterns and anomalies quickly in any dataset.

Program Health Forecasting

Improve program forecasting of schedule and cost well beyond what is provided via Earned Value Management.


Leveraging advanced 3D and 4D medical imaging post-processing capabilities. Used by more than 900 global health organizations, Intuition is widely considered the gold standard in cardiac and vascular imaging.

Eureka Clinical AI

Maximize investments and empower patient care teams with the world’s first integrated AI- experience platform for healthcare. Patented interactivity allows physicians to explore a range of algorithms and AI insights while still controlling what results become part of the permanent record.

Specialty Clinical Workflows

At the convergence of advanced visualization, AI, and highly specialized care delivery workflows, specialty clinical workflows solve for some of the most challenging patient care delivery scenarios, including neuro vascular emergencies and broader care-team coordination.


Maximize revenue and profits with breakthrough AI-powered SaaS solutions built to deliver the most valuable insights your data has to offer.

Financial Intelligence

Efficiently analyze revenue lifecycle, detect risks and opportunities, and accurately forecast.

Content Intelligence

Title-by-title content valuation maximizes content distribution, consumption, and ROI.

Audience Intelligence

Understand, predict, and influence behavior with predictive insights and recommendations.

  • E-commerce and POS
  • Promo and Price
  • Assortment
  • Competitor and Price
  • Customer Demographics
  • Customer
  • Financial
  • Market and Panel
  • Contextual and Unstructured
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Curated Real-World Data
  • First Party and Third Party Data
  • Real-World Evidence
  • Trial Systems of Record
  • Machine Health
  • Maintenance Records
  • Customer
  • Third Party
  • Production
  • Operational and Process
  • Data Historian
  • Customer
  • Transaction Records
  • Risk Tolerances
    • Compliance Practices
    • Market Data
    • BI Input
  • Citizen Services
  • Data Lake
  • Health Electronic Records & Billing
  • HR
  • Acquisitions
  • Programs
  • Structured Imaging (X-Ray, CT, MRI)
  • Specialty Diagnostic
  • Unstructured Clinical Multimedia
  • Curated Real-World Data
  • Real-World Evidence and First Party
  • Clinical Trials
  • Structured Imaging (X-Ray, CT, MRI)
  • Specialty Diagnostic
  • Unstructured Clinical Multimedia
  • Curated Real-World Data
  • Real-World Evidence and First Party
  • Clinical Trials
  • Linear Audit
  • Transaction Records
  • Head End
  • Invoices

EurekaAI supports an SDK and REST APIs to enable programmatic access to all platform capabilities. Using the APIs and SDK, developers can quickly build their own intelligent applications or embed the EurekaAI technology into third-party applications and processes.


The built-in Iris tool democratizes AI insights and models beyond only data scientists to include technologists, analysts, and domain experts, given the scarcity of data scientists and increasing appetite from analysts and domain experts to be self-sufficient in performing analytical tasks. Iris empowers analysts by guiding and automating through dataset creation.

Complex AI concepts are made simple through intuitive visualizations, linking together standard charts from customer data and AI visualizations to facilitate rapid discovery and justification. The built-in AutoML features automatically guides the analyst through complex tasks, simultaneously performing all steps of the data science workflow such as feature generation, feature selection, model creation, and insight discovery. The advanced visualization techniques powered by TDA provide deep understanding and explainability by letting the data reveal what it contains through an easy-to-navigate UI rich in statistics independently derived from the data.


The EurekaAI Workbench is a highly interactive visualization tool that excels at empowering data scientists to leverage the platform services to perform supervised and unsupervised machine learning tasks. Data discovery and justification are critical steps for companies to properly understand how best to assess data, apply models and operationalize AI applications. The point-and-click interface enables users to explore their data deeply, using sophisticated metrics (measures of similarity) and lenses (functions for assigning a number to every data row), as necessary.


EurekaAI is an enterprise-grade AI platform that runs on-premises or in private cloud environments. Extensive systems management and administration services allow configuration and control over server deployment and resource utilization to maximize performance and processing costs tradeoffs. Complete access and security controls provide fine-grained definitions of users and groups or teams of users to closely resemble how they work together.

Accelerate Solutions

SymphonyAI Accelerate incubates packaged solutions that address specific business needs, where AI can add rapid value and improve revenue and operational efficiency.



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