SymphonyAI’s mission is to build companies of scale that become trusted, indispensable partners to their business clients by rapidly delivering the highest value. We build companies with an approach that combines incubation, acquisition, and AI-powered innovation and transformation.

Our approach is to select vertical markets and then either to incubate a company from startup or to acquire a company as a foundation and transform it with AI solutions.


How We Work




Operational Expertise


We target sectors and customer processes where there is a significant potential for high-value impact from AI solutions. We typically target $25-250 million in revenue.


We transform acquired businesses into AI solutions company by driving AI innovation and high-performance operational execution, all led by the company leadership team, supported by SymphonyAI partners.


We model potential high-value use cases that can use AI software, data, and analytics to transform key business processes in vertical or horizontal sectors.


Experienced operating partners and bench support portfolio companies with operating expertise, a proven methodology, and playbooks to drive success.

Differentiators + Value Added

A unique strategy that combines technology, operational expertise, and flexible capital to create value and build high-growth companies:


Next-generation, award-winning AI/machine learning technology, and a talented team of over 100 data scientists

Operational Expertise

Experienced investment partners and operating bench

Flexible Capital

$1 billion commitment by Founder and CEO Dr. Romesh Wadhwani

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Investment Focus and Strategy

SymphonyAI seeks acquisitions of software and tech-enabled services companies where we see opportunities to develop advanced AI solutions that deliver significantly higher value propositions.

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Value Creation

We seek to not only grow the existing business at companies we acquire but also to significantly accelerate growth through the rapid development and commercialization of innovative AI-driven breakthrough solutions that deliver superior value propositions to our customers. We provide portfolio companies with the capital, operational capabilities, and AI/machine learning technology needed to achieve these goals. We focus on majority acquisitions of companies where we can partner with existing management teams to execute on this strategy.


Investment Criteria
  • Software, data, analytics, and tech-enabled services companies across multiple verticals
  • Platforms with $25-250 million in revenue
  • Add-on acquisitions for existing platforms or incubation initiatives with $10+ million in revenue
  • Majority acquisitions in partnership with existing management teams

Who We Work With


We count 15 of the top 25 grocery retailers and all 25 top CPG manufacturers as clients, and more than 1,200 total customers in 70 countries.

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We work with 20 of the top 25 pharma companies and count 19 of the top 20 life science companies as partners for real-world data, AI, and real-world evidence solutions.

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We are the #1 market share leader in radiology and cardiology advanced visualization, and #1 in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

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We serve many of the world’s leading industrial companies including two of the top three global industrial gases companies, two of the top four global oil and gas companies, the world’s largest naval logistics support operation, and the largest privately-held U.S. industrial enterprise.

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We support 95% of the US media landscape–broadcasters, cable, satellite, telco, IPTV, and mobile providers–with a combination of services and solutions.

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We partner with leading global financial institutions to detect fraud, optimize liquidity, minimize risk, and unlock operational efficiencies.

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Our solutions are deployed by leading companies across verticals including technology, consulting, banking and insurance, healthcare, automotive, and manufacturing.

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Our Portfolio

AI will make the radiologist better at their job and vice versa, and when combined, the results will be better than what each might have achieved individually.
Our view is that if AI can improve the detection of nodules as part of the radiologist’s normal daily workflow, then it stands to reason that it will improve the delivery of patient care.
I encouraged my colleagues to welcome this AI functionality into their normal reading workflow. In this way, our physicians could build trust with the outputs and grow comfortable with the inclusion of AI in their normal interpretation workflow.

Symphony SummitAI is a world-class product working for a world-class airport. We needed an ITSM solution that could help us serve our millions of passengers better. Symphony SummitAI delivers significantly better user experiences and a complete solution to IT operations staff to handle day to day tasks in a timely, cost-effective way. Now our ticket resolution time is dramatically lower and our passengers are happier.

We are delighted to engage with Ayasdi on this mission-critical task of creating clinical pathways for our patient population. Our ability to rapidly construct clinical pathways based on our own data and measure adherence by our staff to those standards provides us with the opportunity to deliver better care at a lower cost to our patients. Given the complexity of the challenge, using AI to solve this problem is the right approach, and Ayasdi’s CVM application makes it accessible to our practitioners, a key part of the value proposition given Flagler does not have dedicated data science resources.

We had issues with some of the compressors we were rebuilding that were failing because of imbalance, and we didn’t know this until after we started using [Symphony IndustrialAI]. When Enerflex guarantees a compressor, we guarantee it, warrantee it, and back it up, and we use Industrial to provide us that information and that backup.

Our decision to transition over to Symphony MediaAI’s Revedia Revenue Management SaaS solution has proven wise not only from a data quality and visibility prospective, but also a cost prospective.  We have reduced software licensing and IT costs and eliminated the headache of having to manage a software solution on our network.  In short they have simplified the complicated… Thanks Symphony MediaAI!

We are pleased to partner with industry visionaries and proven business leaders like Romesh Wadhwani and Jeff Elton to bring a range of forward-looking data and technology solutions to the market. We are impressed with ConcertAI’s innovative culture, technology leadership, and significant runway for growth. ConcertAI is positioned to empower next-generation clinical research, accelerate breakthrough therapies, and improve patient outcomes.

When choosing an IT solution, we always try to avoid customization and build our business processes in the way that an IT product supports. The functionality of the Symphony RetailAI solution has completely suited us, and the company will not have to make significant changes to the current business processes.