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Experience how predictive and generative AI can resolve issues faster, deliver superior experience, and improve performance.

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AI Adoption in ITSM – Some Key Points

This article outlines the rise of AI adoption in IT service management (ITSM), discussing its evolution, challenges, impact on employee well-being, and various use cases. It also offers tips for making a case for AI investments and initiating an organization’s AI journey.

Generative AI in ITSM – Hype or Reality
Webinar Recording

Generative AI in ITSM – Hype or Reality

Explore the realm of generative AI with us in this webinar as we uncover its real-world applications. Discover how organizations leverage generative AI to streamline operations, boost decision-making, and enhance service delivery.

Apex platform

Redefine enterprise service management with AI

The Apex platform delivers responsive, effective, and efficient ITSM/ESM capabilities with a lightweight architecture to roll out new services and resolve requests up to 50% faster using generative AI.

End User Copilot

Help employees self-serve by automating high-frequency tasks and providing relevant knowledge articles such as password reset, shared folder access, guest Wi-Fi access, and more.

Analyst Copilot

Assist technical team members in managing and resolving issues with work prioritization, operational intelligence, and targeted knowledge articles.

IT Leadership Copliot

Help executives with real-time insights that identify trends and patterns and easily digested information to make data-driven decisions. The copilot smooths major incident and crisis management, while providing real-time trends predictions and operational insights.

A practical guide to enterprise service management

Discover the key to unlocking your organization’s digital potential. Explore our white paper for actionable insights and strategies.

Customer testimonial

Roy Atkinson, principal advisor and CEO, Clifton Butterfield, LLC.

“The power of Generative AI and these role-based Copilots is unmistakable, putting power where it’s needed and saving time and effort for all the roles. For end-users—the consumers of IT services—this combination means rapid access to self-help and better help from analysts when needed. For IT leaders, it means better information that arrives faster, enabling improved decision-making. From individual end-users to the enterprise, the combination of GenAI and Copilots will bring gains in performance and accuracy. SymphonyAI Copilot exemplifies the ease of use and business value of these groundbreaking tools, bringing increased accuracy, velocity, and understanding to employees and business leaders. IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) can benefit from the insights and time-saving capabilities of SymphonyAI Copilot.”

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