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Advance clinical study design. Accelerate clinical research execution. Improve patient adherence and predictive treatment. All with breakthrough enterprise AI SaaS and data-as-service solutions for real-world evidence and precision medicine.

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ConcertAI is the leading real-world evidence leader in oncology, hematology and urology, providing the largest scale data-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions for all major cancers, leading AI software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, and advanced managed services for life science companies, healthcare payers, and healthcare providers.

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The only fully integrated solution for healthcare and life sciences, comprised of definitive real-world data aligned with customers’ data and AI-enabled insights delivered in a set of SaaS solutions for translational sciences, clinical development, value, access, and patient-centered services.

Real-world Data-as-a-Service

Underpinned by peer-reviewed and externally presented research, the leading solutions for translational sciences, clinical development, and post-approval medical research.

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Enterprise AI for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Leading AI SaaS solutions for clinical development, precision care coordination, and evidence-driven patient care.

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Life Sciences Platform

The ConcertAI platform and solutions across life sciences and healthcare provide: Peer-reviewed quality data-on-demand for leading oncology biopharma innovators saving months in research analyses; AI-driven clinical trial design optimizing size, execution, accruals, and health equity fulfillment goals significantly saving per study; Identification and prediction of prospective non-adherence events improving initiation and sustaining of treatment in assurance of best-possible outcomes; and 3D-image interpretation advancing patients diagnosis with greater efficiency saving in direct cost-of-care and improving patient outcomes across a range of neurological, oncological, and other indications.


Life Sciences

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35 of the top life science companies rely on ConcertAI.