Case study

Extrafarma’s CRM team reaps the benefits of Personalized Marketing



CRM manager, Flavio Almeida, of Extrafarma, one of the largest Brazilian pharmaceutical retailers, discusses the power of SymphonyAI’s Personalized Marketing solution and how it enables them to enhance their customer loyalty program, which boasts more than 10 million members.

Video Transcript

“The model we adopted together is a win-win-win model. It’s a win for the customer, who feels recognized and valued by receiving an additional discount for a product he usually buys. The manufacturer wins as the customer loyalty solutions protects the loyalty of shoppers for its brands. And it’s a win for the retailer, right? Extrafarma gets greater customer loyalty, which translates into an increase in average spending – an increase in revenue.

“This recipe for success makes for very happy with our partnership with Symphony Retail.”

Flavio Almeida, CRM Manager, Extrafarma