How Zurich used SymphonyAI NetReveal to identify 500 new frauds worth £5m

A solution inspired by partnership

The partnership between SymphonyAI NetReveal and Zurich has delivered a solution which applies market-leading social network analysis technology to detecting fraud networks across all product lines. Daily, the tool refers a mix of casualty, property and motor claims and networks from a variety of customer types for review.
In just over a year, Zurich has seen a positive impact to fraud detection identifying 5M in new frauds, identified across a range of fraud types. In total, over 500 claims have been identified and investigated.

Through intense collaboration, we’ve created a solution which has significantly exceeded our expectations and that will act as the cornerstone of our fraud strategy.
Scott Clayton,
Head of Claims Fraud, Zurich

At the heart of our counter fraud commitment is the aspiration to maximise the detection of fraud. This
objective delivers financial results and helps to protect
both our business and our municipal/commercial customers.
This result could not have been achieved without months of close partnership with SymphonyAI NetReveal. The meeting of minds between our experienced fraud analysts and their technical product experts has delivered something that has exceeded everyone’s expectations and had a fundamental impact to our ability to fight fraud.
Scott Clayton,
Head of Claims Fraud, Zurich

The scope of the solution has empowered the entire Zurich fraud team to take the lead in exciting new areas. The solution has shone a light on solicitor and enabler behaviour and helped to drive Zurich’s claims farming and professional enabler strategy.

Zurich is now able to go to the industry table with greater insight into emerging risks and key threats. Investigations have also become more customer-centric, with the solution identifying which customers are at highest risk and requiring protection and support.

At a time of great uncertainty for the industry, this partnership has generated a solution which will help keep our public authority customers safe regardless of any new threats that may emerge.

The insurance market needs to constantly evolve and develop as customer needs adapt and the fraud threat landscape evolves. At SymphonyAI NetReveal, we are extremely proud of our strategic partnership with Zurich.
This partnership enables all customers (from individuals
to small businesses and large global corporates) to stay protected from the very real threat of fraud and financial crime. We are proud that, for 10+ years, both organisations have continued to innovate – allowing for faster and more accurate decisions, improving claims processing, and treating genuine customers fairly across all product lines.
Alex Johnson,
Head of Solutions Consulting, SymphonyAI NetReveal