Symphony CrescendoAI is the developer of EurekaAI, the world’s most advanced AI platform. EurekaAI provides the advanced data analytics, access, and management services that underpin SymphonyAI portfolio company solutions. The platform delivers new insights and business value for use cases across financial services, healthcare, retail, government, industrial, media, and telecommunications industries. Organizations can rapidly implement EurekaAI to address additional vertical use cases.

The EurekaAI Platform

The EurekaAI platform delivers the highest value propositions to customers with the fastest time to value through AI-powered solutions powered by advanced analytics, machine learning, and data services.

Platform services. EurekaAI uniquely provides supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised ML combined with topological data analysis (TDA) to automatically find patterns and deliver actionable insights.  It offers extensive data preparation and management services, automated data ingestion, modeling, feature engineering, enrichment, and selection process, supported by state-of-the-art access controls, and exceptional auditing capabilities for transparency.

EurekaAI APIs. The EurekaAI platform provides extensive APIs and SDK to enable integration into notebooks and other platforms and building applications on the platform.

Tools.  EurekaAI provides extensive tooling to support your end-to-end analytical journey with centralized administration and management. The Iris tool provides citizen data scientists and analysts with an easy-to-use guided experience to rapidly ingest, model, and reveal insights and patterns in their data.  The Workbench tool offers a full feature data science experience to create TDA models to explore their data visually.



The EurekaAI platform supports analytics solutions across the SymphonyAI portfolio


Financial Services

Credit Management

EurekaAI technology discovers more financial crime earlier than other AML solutions and provides deep insights into consumer lending behaviors and risk.



Consumer migration and prediction

EurekaAI provides better understanding of customer behavior and segments, so retailers can better target customers and predict consumer behaviors.



Improved intelligence operations

EurekaAI technologies deliver insights across a wide set of solutions, including predictive maintenance, performance management, intelligence insights, and fraud detection.



Clinical variation management

From clinical variation management to preventing adverse treatment events to reducing waste, EurekaAI delivers insights that improve patient care and operational efficiencies.



Subscriber management

AI-based insights from Symphony CrescendoAI help media and entertainment companies understand and mitigate customer churn.



Yield Optimization

EurekaAI technologies provide insight into asset management and operational processes so manufacturers can reduce equipment downtime or performance variability, and increase yield throughput.




AI analysis and predictive analytics give organizations the tools to identify, predict, and prevent cyber attacks and crime. Symphony CrescendoAI delivers rapid analysis and prediction to effectively identify security threats and prevent them.



Customer segmentation and churn

AI-based insights help carriers mitigate potential customer churn by providing insights into churn drivers among groups of customers.



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