Symphony IndustrialAI solutions for condition monitoring, asset performance management, and predictive maintenance serve many of the world’s leading industrial companies. These include two of the top four global oil and gas companies, the world’s largest naval logistics support operation, and the largest privately held U.S. industrial enterprise.

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For more than 50 years, Symphony IndustrialAI has been the leading innovator of industrial insight, from machine component health to plant performance optimization. The company has delivered many industry innovations and firsts, including the most extensive machine health rules base and fault condition library, the first complete cloud-enabled PdM program solution, high-accuracy data capture devices, the most comprehensive data lake of machine health data, and third-generation AI solutions for asset performance management. Symphony IndustrialAI solutions reduce unplanned maintenance and emissions, unwarranted capital expenditures, and unexpected downtime.

Dominic Gallello

CEO, Symphony IndustrialAI




unique assets tested


components tested (motors, coupling, pumps, etc.)


machine tests conducted


component-specific faults identified

I worked with competitor's software and analyzers, but they are not as developed as [Symphony IndustrialAI] ExpertALERT. We do vibration analysis, we do reciprocating analysis, we do infrared thermography, we do ultrasound. So, having ExpertALERT implemented with the vibration analysis gives us more time to do that other work.


We had issues with some of the compressors we were rebuilding that were failing because of imbalance, and we didn't know this until after we started using Symphony IndustrialAI. When Enerflex guarantees a compressor, we guarantee it, warrantee it, and back it up, and we use Industrial to provide us that information and that backup.


We need to make sure that we are as reliable as we can be with our equipment, and in order to do that, you have to have a good preventive and predictive maintenance program. It is a better, solid program working with [Industrial] to get a really good [result] and follow-up on problems. [Monthly Symphony IndustrialAI reports] highlight the level of problems, and it's prioritized.