The top 4 reasons to integrate your IT services with Microsoft Teams and Slack

03.15.2022 | By Mark Speyers

What if getting help for tech issues didn’t have to interrupt your employees’ workflow? What if they could seamlessly seek answers to their questions and make requests for IT services within the applications they’re already using?

Integrating your IT service management with Slack or Microsoft Teams makes all this possible, streamlining communication between your employees and tech support. Read on to discover four reasons these integrations are so transformative for businesses small and large.

1. Triage is Automated.

The moment an issue arises, your employees can reach out to SymphonyAI Summit’s Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine (CINDE) without ever leaving Slack or Microsoft Teams. CINDE will assess the situation and offer information that may allow your employee to solve the issue independently. Meanwhile, CINDE also gathers information that can jumpstart support personnel’s ability to help. When needed, your employee can use CINDE to create a support ticket and move the IT process forward.

2. CINDE Interactions Are Personalized for Your Needs.

Every organization is different, and so is every IT department. When utilizing SymphonyAI Summit’s CINDE conversational digital agent and AI functionality, you don’t have to rely on cookie cutter support options. CINDE will utilize service catalog workflows to route requests that are submitted in Slack or Microsoft Teams through the appropriate process on the backend of the ITSM tool. The automated multistep tasks or processes that start in Slack or Microsoft Teams and offer options to the user can then move into the incident management queue if they can’t be resolved through CINDE interactions.

3. Help is Available Around the Clock.

Tech issues aren’t restricted to a 9-5 work schedule. As luck would have it, they love to come creeping in just as soon as your support personnel logs off for the day. When you integrate your IT service management with Slack or Microsoft Teams, help is available around the clock. Employees who encounter tech issues after hours can use the CINDE conversational digital agent to get the support process started when and where they need.

“Tech issues aren’t restricted to a 9-5 work schedule. When you integrate your IT service management with Slack or Microsoft Teams, help is available around the clock.”

4. Your Employees Can Get Back to Work Faster.

When you care about maximizing productivity, every moment is precious. Maybe there isn’t a knowledge base article available to help a user resolve their issue. After a series of questions in Slack, SymphonyAI Summit’s CINDE can automatically create a ticket in the IT service management system based on the discussion that has been happening with the user, saving extra steps and extra time. This way, your employees are freed up to get back to the work they care about faster and more efficiently.

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