Revolutionizing the Media Industry with AI

04.21.2020 | By Mark Speyers

A strong statement that can mean a multitude of things depending on your perspective. However, strong statements alone don’t solve problems; experience, proven results, and a willingness to listen to our customers and deliver on our promises do.

At SymphonyAI Media, our long history and reputation has been built upon proven results as a partner to the Media and Entertainment Industry. Over 90% of U.S. media companies depend upon our products and services to mitigate revenue leakage and, more importantly, to surface actionable opportunities for revenue growth. A 30-year track record of partnership and deliverables have supported our services growth and enable us to solve even more customer pain-points through new technology platforms and AI.

In early 2020, we released Revedia Revenue Management.  This product is a tremendous and generational leap forward to better manage many of the complex aspects of Affiliate Finance and Signal Management functions. More than that, the Revedia platform centralizes and aggregates what historically has been a widely disparate set of data that was difficult to action into growth potential. Through our AI toolsets, SymphonyAI Media can surface new distribution trends and insights, not only providing prescriptive actions to optimize results, but the ability to more easily and quickly understand the ‘why’ behind growth inhibitors.

As the saying goes, “Content is King” (Bill Gates circa 1996). While this has, and will remain, a universal truth, in practice, the tools and technology to appropriately value, optimize distribution and ultimately monetize content itself has been distinctly lacking. The Media and Entertainment industry has been built upon an Art. Science needs to catch up to better support our media partners and inform their strategies. Looking forward, the Revedia ecosystem will continue to expand, including many additional products and modules to help our industry solve these problems.

By having a firm understanding of past and present distribution as well as visibility on end-state results, SymphonyAI Media can best dimensionalize new or existing content to help content creators understand likely performance and long-tail applicability of their investment.  ‘Who’ are the target audience, as well as what secondary audience(s) and demographics may be reached and engage based upon complex content characteristics? ‘Where’ are these audiences across linear, OTT, SVOD, etc. to better inform content valuation and optimize distribution strategies? ‘How’ do consumers engage this type of content and what helps drive retention? These are all questions that AI can solve for, and with SymphonyAI Media’s advance machine learning capabilities, our engine will continue to refine and inform as the industry evolves and consumer behavior shifts.

SymphonyAI Media is in an ideal position, and an ideal partner, to continue to foster technical innovation to all content creators, programmers and distributors.

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