Did you know? SymphonyAI is no new kid on the block

08.24.2018 | By Mark Speyers

Aldata. EYC. Symphony GOLD. Apollo. Fifth Dimension.

These names might ring a bell for anyone who has worked in retail technology since the 1980s. Maybe you are a supply chain professional that uses Aldata’s industry-leading GOLD supply chain solutions or a retail marketer and client of EYC (Engage Your Customer) working on customer insights and loyalty strategies. Or you may be a category manager or space planner that develops localized planograms with Apollo, or working for a CPG manufacturer that tests new concepts and store layouts with Fifth Dimension’s virtual reality and macro space solutions.

In any case, if you recognize any of these brands, then you actually do know SymphonyAI – and you know that the industry leading solutions we offer today for high volume retailers and CPG manufacturers are founded on decades of innovation and measurable impact.

A quick look back: Critical capabilities established

Aldata was formed in 1986 to provide retailers and wholesalers with a comprehensive solution for unifying demand forecasting, merchandise management, store operations and supply chain management. In 2003, EYC was founded to help retailers and CPGs collaborate and improve customer loyalty. In 2012, the companies were acquired by Symphony Technology Group and rebranded as Symphony GOLD and Symphony EYC respectively. Since then, we’ve combined our own innovations with strategic acquisitions to deliver real-time customer insights that drive retail execution decisions across marketing, merchandising, supply chain and retail operations. We serve more than 1,200 customers in 70 countries, including 15 of the top 25 grocery retailers globally.

AI ushers in a new chapter

Our decades of retail-specific experience exposed us to the breadth of issues retailers faced that simply couldn’t be addressed even by the most powerful solutions on the market. The fundamental issue was that data analysis was always an excessively manual and resource-intensive process. No matter the investment or the size or brilliance of the team, analytics were simply outdated by the time they crystallized. It was time we made our biggest innovation yet.

Combining the value of our customer intelligence and retail solutions businesses, we united Symphony EYC and Symphony GOLD in 2018 to create SymphonyAI – a single source of value for our customers who need real-time, automated and actionable decision support, powered by artificial intelligence. We launched a series of artificial intelligence-enabled product innovations built on machine learning and using natural language processing (NLP), including CINDE, the first-of-its-kind digital assistant specifically for high volume retail.

Today, we provide FMCG retailers and CPG manufacturers with solutions for everything from customer intelligence to personalized marketing, merchandising, category management, supply chain and retail operations – powered by AI.

As AI ushers in a new frontier for retail intelligence, we are ready, armed with more than 30 years of retail and CPG experience, market-leading solutions and new, ground-breaking innovations for our customers – regardless of the name on the door.

To learn more about our company, solutions, customers and future plans, stay tuned for more “Did you know…” blogs that will bring you SymphonyAI stories you may not know.

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