Heinen’s to Implement Symphony GOLD’s ENGAGE Customer Analytics and Loyalty Management

01.12.2015 | By Mark Speyers

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As of 11 January, 2018 Symphony GOLD became the Retail Solutions Division of SymphonyAI.


Heinen's logoSymphony GOLD, the leading provider of software and services for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, today announced that Heinen’s Grocery Store in Cleveland, Ohio, will add GOLD ENGAGE Customer Analytics and Loyalty Management to its existing GOLD Unified Retail Platform. GOLD ENGAGE will enable Heinen’s to reduce campaign complexity, automate functions around campaign execution and increase the accuracy required to design and develop highly effective customer segmentation and targeting.

Heinen’s is a third-generation, family-owned chain of neighborhood stores serving communities throughout Northeast Ohio, which recently expanded into the Chicago market. With GOLD ENGAGE, Heinen’s will:

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into each customer’s purchase history, preferences, demographics, and interests;
  • Receive actionable insights for improving shopping frequency, basket size, and customer retention;
  • Execute targeted and measurable omnichannel campaigns to customers at home, in the store, at checkout, or on the go.

“Increasingly, retailing is becoming a customer-centric operation, and ENGAGE gives Heinen’s the necessary segmentation analytics and loyalty tools needed to serve our customers on a one-to-one basis,” said James Field, Category Management/Customer Analytics at Heinen’s.

“With the addition of ENGAGE, Heinen’s extends its existing GOLD retail and supply chain platform from the customer, throughout the store and all the way back to the warehouse,” said David Gentry, Senior Vice President, Retail Solutions, at Symphony GOLD. “This, in turn, will enable Heinen’s to adopt a more customer-driven retail model that is more in keeping with the way people shop today.”

Heinen’s has already deployed Symphony GOLD retail and supply chain modules, including Master Data Management, Merchandising and Pricing, Order Management, Inventory Management, Store Replenishment, Direct Store Delivery, WMS, Demand Forecasting and Warehouse Replenishment.

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