Leading Balkan 3PL NELT continues to advance its operations with GOLD

12.21.2016 | By Mark Speyers

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As of 11 January, 2018 Symphony GOLD became the Retail Solutions Division of SymphonyAI.


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By implementing GOLD for forecasting and replenishment, Nelt now benefits from a simplified process that benefits long-term inventory planning, improves communications with its biggest suppliers as well as having greater control over its replenishment processes. With GOLD, Nelt is able to use sales and forecasted sales data to drive inventory visibly at individual sites, providing a clear overview of inventory flows, while connecting inventory management systems across customers, warehouses and Cross-Dock platform. The outcome is the optimization of their supply chain, planning of promotions and an improvement in customer service.

Together the GOLD solutions for forecasting and replenishment provide a comprehensive inventory management solution that enables retailers and distributors to implement customer-driven inventory management and service level optimization to satisfy demand, minimize capital spend and reduce operational costs.

Only two months after deploying these GOLD solutions in its logistic network, Nelt had already benefited from cost savings and efficiency improvements. The fast return on investment is a now motive for Nelt to now extend solution deployment to other countries in which the distributor operates.

Nelt has also continued to extend the roll-out of GOLD for warehouse voice operations. After successfully rolling the solution out across all member companies within the Nelt Group in Serbia and Montegro, the company has just recently completed the upgrade of the GOLD warehouse management system and introduction of voice at their facility in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The upgrade and voice implementation have significantly increased the productivity and security of warehouse processes as well as accuracy of picking.

With the implementation of GOLD for warehouse voice operations, Nelt was the first company in the region to introduce this type of productivity solution into their logistic operations, once again demonstrating their focus on continuous improvement to meet its customer-driven service level agreements.

The successful partnership between Nelt and Symphony GOLD started in 2008 with the deployment of the company’s warehouse management system at Nelt’s distribution centre in Belgrade, Serbia.


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