Serbian grocery retailer Univerexport goes live with GOLD

03.30.2015 | By Mark Speyers

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As of 11 January, 2018 Symphony GOLD became the Retail Solutions Division of SymphonyAI.


Univerexport logoUniverexport, one of the leading grocery retailers in Serbia, is now live with GOLD across its 120 stores. All stores went into production from November 2014 until January 2015 – a major success for GOLD rapidity and excellence. Both of the company’s retail brands, Univerexport and Trgopromet, are now being managed from one master data management system, supporting product and inventory visibility as well as efficient merchandise management.

With more than 85,000 shoppers visiting a Univerexport and Trgopromet store daily, the alignment of synchronized replenishment and inventory service levels between supplier, distribution centers and stores has been critical. Initial benefits include warehouse productivity up by 20% and order preparation errors down by 80%; inventory visibility and traceability; and synchronised replenishment.

Next steps to drive additional GOLD benefits:

  • Store auto-replenishment
  • Store assortment planning and execution

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