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Key CIO Trends for 2021 – The 3Ts

By Mark Speyers

2021 is upon us but which key trends will affect you – CIOs and IT Leaders – and your priorities in the year ahead? Without a doubt, 2021 will necessitate a variety of changes to IT service delivery and support, and the wider IT department operation, while accelerated digital transformation will be prevalent within most organizations. The CIO agenda for 2021 needs to include so much more than just this.

To help, this paper looks at a number of trend-driven priorities grouped into three areas – “the 3Ts”:

  1.  Tightening-up the status quo
  2. Transforming – to reflect both new business needs and external forces
  3. Ensuring that the importance of IT “talent” is not overlooked.

Download your copy for advice on how to:

  • Optimize for a distributed workforce
  • Meet the immediate need for greater efficiency
  • Provide greater resilience
  • Leverage pandemic-created wins
  • Facilitate digital transformation through ‘tightening-up efforts’
  • Best invest in new skills
  • Invest in IT-employee wellbeing
  • Reinvent IT-performance metrics

The help you need for 2021 is here and waiting for you.


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