Eureka Collections

Empowering lenders with explainable AI

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The intuitive Eureka Collections app puts powerful AI in the hands of lenders, enabling them to recover the most revenue while preserving client relationships. Built on cutting-edge AI/ML technology, Eureka identifies behavioral patterns, recommends outreach strategies, and calculates optimal settlements to find efficient solutions across every step of the collections process.

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Powerful AI designed for collections recovery

The compliant, enterprise-ready Eureka Collections app provides an intuitive and guided user experience, empowering collections agents and managers with actionable insights to drive new efficiencies through automation, prioritization, and personalization.

Dynamic Segmentation

Learn more from your historical data and identify emerging risks with dynamic segmentation, group comparisons, and prescriptive insights.

  • Identify risk early with continuous behavior monitoring
  • Predict the likelihood of repayment with risk forecasting
  • Get actionable, prescriptive recommendations to prevent delinquency

Engagement Optimization

Improve interactions and gain greater returns per contact with personalized, multichannel strategies targeting each borrower when and where they are most receptive to outreach.

  • Automate digital, multi-channel approaches triggered via integrations or APIs
  • Identify the most successful form of communication for each borrower
  • Pinpoint the best time to contact each consumer for maximum response rates
  • Create content personalized by subject, body, and tone to increase recoveries

Workflow Automation

Bring the power of AI to your daily workflow to focus on the highest value actions that will help reduce roll rates, cure accounts, increase recovery, and improve customer experience.

  • Integrate with your CRM and 3rd party vendors for seamless, easy onboarding
  • Customize dashboards to your specific tasks and workflows
  • Match agents with specific accounts for optimal outcomes

High-value use cases

Eureka Collections optimizes collections with a unique framework that allows lenders and creditors to target a broad range of problems quickly and easily.