Supply Chain Event 2018

The Supply Chain Event 2018, hosted by Supply Chain magazine, is the premier event in Paris for retailers and CPGs, enabling them to learn about new challenges across the supply chain, strategically, tactically and operationally. The conference will cover why retailers should use AI and machine learning to boost demand forecasting accuracy.

We’re delighted to have been asked to speak at this conference – join SymphonyAI’s Sophie Mottin as she will discuss why demand forecasting and AI are meant to be, and how SymphonyAI’s customer Intermarché (Les Mousquetaires) are leveraging the power of AI in demand forecasting. Please find the session details below, and be sure to register for this great event!

Session details

Title: Discover why Demand Forecasting and AI are meant to be. Featuring case study on Intermarché.
Date: 11-Dec-2018 at 15:15 CET
Location: Room 2
More information

Presenter: Sophie Mottin is a Strategic Account Manager and has been with SymphonyAI since 2017. Sophie has worked in business process, retail, end-to-end supply chain and business intelligence and has been an active player in the retail industry for the last 20 years. Sophie is also the host of ‘Le Quiz de la supply’.