Raise your business performance with the advanced analytics of Eureka Consumer Lending

Rate Card

Determine optimal buy rates with opportunity identification and what-if scenario analysis.

Prospect Insights

Prescriptive borrower analytics deliver insights into specific characteristics and behaviors and their impact on loan risk as well as profitability.

Customer Acquisition

Lower customer acquisition costs through intelligent marketing campaigns and precision targeting, driving higher response rates and conversions.

Portfolio Monitoring

Identify segments of emerging risk, set loan loss reserves and forecast losses precisely, and manage cash flow, liquidity, funding costs, and interest rate risk.

Loss Mitigation

Find the best intervention strategies that improve client experiences while lowering collection costs and loss severity.


Built on enterprise-class Eureka platform

Eureka is the most advanced enterprise-class AI technology for combined unsupervised and supervised learning, delivering rapid value to data scientists and business users alike.


Production Proven

Open framework for rapidly building, configuring, and extending vertical packaged apps


Business Focused

Empower business experts, verticalized for key industries


Unbiased, Explainable, Relevant

Supervised and unsupervised AI/ML



Secure, scalable, future-proof

Technology Differentiators


Works on high-dimensional data without the need for dimensionality reduction, enabling the combination of disparate data sources, both structured and unstructured.

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End-to-end data science workflow automation including feature generation, feature selection, algorithms selection, model building, model optimization, and model deployment.

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Identifies patterns and relationships in the data without any preconceived, and potentially wrong or biased, assumptions.

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Our proprietary topological data analysis (TDA) reveals hidden patterns in data that are often not discovered by other data analysis methods. Understanding the shape of the data allows the platform to build ensemble models that are optimized for different segments with varying behavior patterns.

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Eureka tests your data on hundreds of models (and combinations of models) to find the best fit for your specific data. Every solution built on our platform offers clear insights on the underlying drivers and their relative impact on the model (or combination of models) selected.

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