Financial Services

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Stop Financial Crime. Optimize Liquidity. Prevent Fraud. Drive revenue and grow profitability with innovative enterprise AI solutions delivering holistic insights for banks and financial institutions.

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Building the leading enterprise AI solutions for risk management, liquidity optimization, and financial crime and fraud detection to drive revenue for banks and financial institutions.

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Financial Services


Anti-money laundering
Risk, Liquidity, and Profitability
Financial Crime and Fraud
KYX Intelligence


New Risk and Attack Discovery
Alpha, Risk, and Operational Optimization
Risk and Behavioral Inference
Multidimensional Vector Analysis
Graph ML


Topological Data Analysis
AutoML and Explainable AI
Supervised, and Unsupervised ML
Data and Model Management


Transaction Records
Risk Tolerances
Compliance Practices
Market Data
BI Input

Discover anomalies, navigate networks, and provide critical context to reduce false positives and maintain risk coverage.


Precisely assign and forecast key risk and profitability indicators, optimize the use of capital, and discover new sources of margin and profit.


Automatically capture customer behavior and issue alerts against suspicious activities to drive cost savings, operational efficiencies and heightened compliance.


Identify actionable insights across your customer base to accurately predict risk, churn and product interest to protect these relationships and develop a competitive advantage.


Financial Services Platform

Symphony AyasdiAI solutions deliver insights and efficiencies to today’s financial services organizations. These AI-powered solutions leverage Sensa™ predictive intelligence capabilities to uncover financial crime, evaluate risk, optimize liquidity and revenue, and better understand the customer.




Discovered in tax evasion


In optimized liquidity freed up


Up to 60% reduction of false positives


L3 discovery increased by 20%, with 90% accuracy

12 mo.

Risks detected up to 12 months earlier

Awards and Recognition