FinCrime prevention reimagined

Deploy in days. Transform operations in hours. Investigate in minutes. Expose new hidden risk in seconds.

Turbocharge your sanctions screening with AI
Introducing SensaAI, the predictive and generative AI-powered sanctions augmentation that optimizes your existing sanctions screening to assess matches with far greater accuracy

AI SaaS for financial crime prevention

Conduct more efficient investigations and expertly manage risk by uniting the power of enterprise-grade technology with trailblazing AI.

AI-driven solutions that solve the world’s most complex financial crime problems with ever-increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Our detection solutions are engineered to learn, adapt and scale with you.

Financial crime prevention risk wheel diagram showing centralized data

As criminals adapt, so should you

We combine the power of predictive and generative AI to uncover hidden risk throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Detection so advanced, criminals just can’t keep up.

Diagram showing AI-powered AML financial crime detection

Unify your data

Connect siloed information and disconnected teams to fully leverage your data, streamline operations, and transform investigations.

AML software

Every great detective needs a partner

Arm investigators with a generative AI assistant that can source, analyze, and summarize data for faster, more effective investigations.

Award Leading the way in AI innovation

SymphonyAI comes out on top for Gen AI initiatives in the 2024 Chartis Financial Crime and Compliance 50

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Your strategic partner in crime prevention

With 25 years’ experience in financial crime and over a decade in AI innovation, there’s a reason we’re trusted by over a third of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Deploy in just 12 weeks

Our SaaS solutions offer incredible time to value so you start seeing results immediately.

Scale and flex

Dynamic scaling effortlessly matches your needs meaning performance is never compromised.

Integrate seamlessly

Never worry about compatibility again; our solutions are 100% data agnostic.

Trusted by leading global brands

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