Financial Crime Prevention AI SaaS Solutions

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Stop financial crime with AI SaaS solutions. Transform financial detection without compromise. Identify money laundering. Prevent fraud. Improve compliance and streamline operations. Deliver profound insights for banks and financial institutions.

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Leading end-to-end suite for managing regulatory compliance, risk, fraud, financial crime detection, investigation, and reporting.

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Introducing the NetReveal-Sensa Suite

No compromises. Optimized for the future. Relevant for today. 

The NetReveal-Sensa Suite blends AI-led detection with intelligent alert management for the most sophisticated, most effective financial crime discovery available.


Leverage the most advanced breakthroughs in AI and machine learning, built exclusively to mitigate the greatest revenue challenges in financial crime prevention.





reduction in false positive alerts


more fraud discovered


fraud-loss savings on average


increase in operational efficiency


annual savings recovered in lost fraud revenue

12 months

risks detected up to 12 months earlier


Trusted by more than a third of the global top 100 banks. Helping to protect more than 100 insurance carriers and affiliates against fraud and financial crime.