AI software for rapid, real, relevant results

Enhance efficiency with real-time insights, precision analysis, and automation powered by predictive and generative AI applications.

The SymphonyAI approach

Powerful AI SaaS tailored to your industry

Achieve concrete results with meticulously-built, seamlessly-integratable AI applications — built with the right models, data sources, and workflows.


Accelerate retail growth with connected AI solutions

Optimize supply chain performance, drive better category and space planning decisions, and deliver a personalized customer experience with breakthrough AI SaaS.


Accelerate CPG growth with connected AI solutions

Engage omnichannel customers and optimize promotions with solutions built to deliver the most valuable insights that your data has to offer.


Redefine operations with AI-powered manufacturing

Optimize manufacturing operations and asset health while maximizing revenue with breakthrough AI-powered solutions that deliver accurate and predictive insights.

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