Solutions for All

SymphonyAI’s packaged AI solutions drive rapid time to value across the world’s largest and most critical vertical sectors, including life sciences, healthcare, retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services, manufacturing, media, telecom, and public sector.

Financial Services
Industrial Manufacturing
Information Technology
Life Sciences
Media and Telecom
Public Sector
Retail and CPG

Financial Services


Anti-Money Laundering

Discover anomalies, navigate networks, and provide critical context to reduce false positives and maintain risk coverage.


Financial Crime

Automatically capture customer behavior and issue alerts against suspicious activities to drive cost savings, operational efficiencies and heightened compliance.


Risk, Liquidity, and Profitability

Precisely assign and forecast key risk and profitability indicators, optimize the use of capital, and discover new sources of margin and profit.


KYX Intelligence

Identify actionable insights across your customer base to accurately predict risk, churn, and product interest to protect these relationships and develop a competitive advantage.


Consumer Lending

Advanced autonomous analytics across the entire credit lifecycle improve new loan origination volume, optimize risk and return, drive operational efficiencies, and minimize loss on problem loans.




Leveraging advanced 3D and 4D medical imaging post-processing capabilities. Used by more than 900 global health organizations, Intuition is widely considered the gold standard in cardiac and vascular imaging.


Eureka Clinical AI

Maximize investments and empower patient care teams with the world’s first integrated AI- experience platform for healthcare. Patented interactivity allows physicians to explore a range of algorithms and AI insights while still controlling what results become part of the patient record.


Specialty Clinical Workflows

At the convergence of advanced visualization, AI, and highly specialized care delivery workflows, specialty clinical workflows solve for some of the most challenging patient care delivery scenarios, including neuro vascular emergencies and broader care-team coordination.

Industrial Manufacturing


Digital Manufacturing

Transforming manufacturing operations with AI-based solutions for: Connected Devices, Processes, People, and Applications, IIOT and Workflow Orchestration and Process Optimization.


Plant Performance

Predictive, prescriptive, and autonomous solutions to optimize asset performance, increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks. This includes: Vibration Condition Monitoring, Asset Performance and Process Optimization.

Information Technology


Enterprise Service Management

Automate and manage processes, increase transparency, and have greater cost control to provide service management best practices, tools, and frameworks to departments across the enterprise.


Intelligent Automation

Automate repetitive processes, resolve issues faster and more effectively, correlate disparate data sources, and develop knowledge articles to dramatically reduce resolution time and understand causes behind occurrences.


IT Asset Management

Create common data sets across IT service management, IT asset management, and IT operations management, allowing complete control of reporting and analytics.


Asset Management

Manage the IT asset lifecycle from procurement to disposal, control spend with software license governance and compliance, and eliminate overbuying by right-sizing future purchases of hardware and software assets.

Life Sciences


Real-world Data-as-a-Service

Underpinned by peer-reviewed and externally presented research, the leading solutions for translational sciences, clinical development, and post-approval medical research.


Enterprise AI for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Leading AI SaaS solutions for clinical development, precision care coordination, and evidence-driven patient care.

Media and Telecom


Financial Intelligence

Efficiently analyze revenue lifecycle, detect risks and opportunities, and accurately forecast.


Content Intelligence

Title-by-title content valuation maximizes content distribution, consumption, and ROI.


Audience Intelligence

Understand, predict, and influence behavior with predictive insights and recommendations.

Public Sector



Rapidly pinpoint previously unseen cybersecurity threats, including external attacks, fraud, and insider threats.



Improve healthcare through optimized patient care and clinical variation management, advanced visualization and imaging, and accelerated drug discovery and treatment.


IT Optimization

IT asset life cycle management and optimization, and operations management for server, network, and application monitoring to drive efficiencies and improved end-user experience.


Operations and Maintenance

Predictive maintenance and asset management for higher equipment availability, improved resource efficiencies and safety, and reduced costs.


Project Management

Intelligent, AI-based program management and insights using unsupervised machine learning to identify potential trouble areas and facilitate interdiction and remediation.


Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization

Identify complex sequences of events that impact supply chain and logistics operations and provide forecasting insights to optimize readiness.


Predictive Analytics

Explainable AI that simplifies production use of models without bias which are easier to build and sustain than traditional ML models. Find complex patterns and anomalies quickly in large, complex data sets using explainable AI that simplifies production use of models without bias, that is easier to build and sustain than traditional ML.


Program Health Forecasting

Improve program forecasting of schedule and cost well beyond what is provided via Earned Value Management.

Retail and CPG


Revenue Growth Optimization

for Retail and CPG

AI-powered solutions provide the insights, recommendations, and optimized tactics to drive millions in top-line growth.


Category Planning Optimization

for Retail and CPG

Cloud-native, seamlessly integrated category planning suite to capture more customers, ring up bigger baskets, and maximize sales.


Predictive Supply Chain Optimization

for Retail

Future-ready supply chain platform with true demand forecasting providing a single, unified inventory view to orchestrate and optimize data, people and processes – all with the market’s lowest TCO.


“The investment in Symphony AyasdiAI was proven within weeks, as a result of interdicting a set of complex, hidden cyberattacks.”


“Symphony MediaAI constantly helps NBCU create new ways to more efficiently and effectively manage our operations. The OTT program is another example of the leadership and innovation that make Symphony MediaAI a key strategic partner in capturing value and positioning us for future success.”


“[Symphony RetailAI has] the most amazing tool I’ve seen in over 20 years in space planning. We can intelligently cluster our stores based on sales metrics, and can now take steps closer to the goal of guest-centric assortments, all without adding head count. Without the Symphony RetailAI solution – including Intelligent Clustering, Assortment Optimization, Store Planning HQ, and Planogram Automation, this felt to be an unattainable dream.”


“Symphony SummitAI is a world-class product working for a world-class airport. Symphony SummitAI delivers significantly better user experiences and a complete solution to IT operations staff to handle day-to-day tasks in a timely, cost-effective way. Now our ticket resolution time is dramatically lower and our passengers are happier.”


“Moving from a legacy application to a new generation application, it’s a sea of change. And, while Symphony SummitAI has similar functionality, the way the user interface is defined, the way we can configure, and the time to implement, is it just far, far faster.”


“TeraRecon is an excellent product. We put a lot of demands on the system because of our unique situation of being extremely high-volume, requiring rapid turn-around times, and requiring consistency. TeraRecon has provided us with a stable platform and a robust offering of services that we can beat up on and really push to the limits.”