Accelerate growth with connected AI solutions

Address and overcome retail and CPG’s biggest challenges by harnessing the power of predictive and generative AI.

The power of connected retail

Store and Space shopper insights

Seamless execution of shopper insights

– Recommended space-aware assortment changes seamlessly reflect store-level planograms.

– Demand planning forecasts new item cut-ins to ensure optimal ordering and space allocation.

– Real-time shelf visibility delivers feedback loop to ensure new planogram compliance.

Store and Space shelf intelligence

A connected view of the shelf to minimize supply chain disruptions

– Quickly identify disruptions at the shelf, such as out-of-stocks, incorrect price, and misplaced items.

– Create prioritized worklists to take immediate corrective actions.

– Dynamic re-ordering signal sent to replenishment system and real-time adjustments from Demand Forecasting.

Merchandising and Marketing fresh

Reduce shrink and improve efficiency across fresh

– Automated generation of promotions for excess / expiring inventory.

– Fresh assortment optimization based on customer preferences and local supply availability.

– Personalized offers based on where the shopper is in the store and what’s on hand.

Merchandising and Marketing shelf intelligence

Anticipate shelf disruptions before they happen

– Proactively identify future supply chain gaps and activate alerts.

– Identify optimal item replacement and deliver new planograms to impacted stores.

– Interconnected data platform ensures continuous communication and product-to-shelf execution.

Supply Chain collaboration

An inter-enterprise view of the supply chain to enhance retailer / CPG collaboration

– Single platform to view the full journey from CPG to DC/warehouse to shelf.

– Common demand forecast built upon retailer, CPG, and contextual data to enable joint planning and decision-making.

SymphonyAI solves retail’s toughest challenges

Foster loyalty and growth

By creating customer-centric stores, shelves, and assortments, SymphonyAI’s solutions help brands drive customer loyalty and growth.

Respond to fast-moving trends

By building an agile supply chain, SymphonyAI’s solutions help brands adapt to evolving challenges and shifting environments.

Connect disjointed silos

By connecting siloed insights, SymphonyAI’s solutions enable growth and collaboration while amplifying monetization streams.

Ensure omnichannel availability

By maintaining on-shelf product availability, SymphonyAI’s solutions ensure brands can meet customer needs across all channels.

Results are in reach

  • 20%

    Increase in customer loyalty

  • 5%

    Incremental sales growth

  • 10%

    Increase in product availability

Generative AI copilots for retailers

Understand what’s happened and plan for what’s next with smart copilot interfaces tailored for retail. Unlock real-time insights, improve forecast accuracy, and enhance decision-making.

Category Manager Copilot

Elevate strategic planning and decision-making with real-time predictive insights and natural language narratives.

Demand Planner Copilot

Improve forecast accuracy and make sense of disparate data with retail-specific predictive and generative AI.

A collaborative chat interface where retail professionals discuss category management and customer insights.
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