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Elevate your operations and maximize your manufacturing optimizations with predictive and generative AI.

Detailed digital interface of an air compressor with specifications and maintenance alerts displayed alongside a 3D model of the machine.
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Introducing the AI-powered industrial dataops platform, IRIS Foundry
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Why SymphonyAI

Full ecosystem intelligence

Seamlessly connect people, assets, and systems in one place for reliable execution, high-speed automation, and event anticipation.

AI-powered solutions

Reduce machine faults, cut downtime, decrease maintenance budgets, improve energy efficiency, and optimize plant performance.

Smart manufacturing platform

Gain real-time, comprehensive visibility into business and plant operations by translating data into actionable insights.

Industrial Products

A worker in a hard hat and safety vest uses a laptop on a walkway overlooking a large industrial plant.
A woman in business attire points to data on a digital display in an industrial setting.
An industrial worker in a hard hat and reflective vest uses a tablet with a holographic overlay of machinery.

Track what’s important and gain insights from the data hidden behind your product execution process.

Real-time operational insights, actionable metrics, and industry-specific calculations.

Unite trusted technology with cutting-edge AI.

Connect deskless workers with step-by-step instructions and inspections.

Industrial Copilots

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Bring digital transformation to the manufacturing ecosystem and plant workers by harnessing the power of generative AI.

Plant Performance Copilot

Reduce machine faults and downtime, lower maintenance and repair costs, and assess risk with generative and predictive AI.

Collage of industrial workplace roles: a reliability manager using a tablet, and a maintenance engineer consulting a digital device.
Connected Worker Copilot

Make informed decisions and coordinate employees and tasks faster with streamlined inspections and automated workflows.

Collage of industrial workplace scenes: an operator in a hard hat using a tablet, and a quality analyst reviewing documents.
Digital Manufacturing Copilot

Improve production and quality, monitor real-time operations, and prevent bottlenecks by integrating workflows with AI.

Collage showing a production manager with a clipboard and a process engineer analyzing data on a computer.

The Industrial Large Language Model

Unite problem-solving, analysis, and reporting with the power of generative AI on the world’s first Industrial LLM.

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A flowchart depicting the integration of various data types into a knowledge graph for industrial analysis.

Solutions for your industry

A panoramic view of an industrial complex with pipelines and refinery structures at sunset.

Oil and Gas

Optimize plant and machine performance while minimizing downtime with AI-driven insights and prescriptive analytics.

Two workers in reflective vests consult a laptop at an oil refinery, discussing operational data.


Eliminate interruptions and lower costs associated with critical assets and processes with predictive and prescriptive intelligence.

A high-tech illustration of microchip production involving advanced robotics and light connectivity.


Gain near- or real-time visibility into the manufacturing process with AI-powered vision inspection.

An industrial worker holding a helmet gazes towards a large factory, symbolizing oversight or management.


Improve quality and lower costs with AI-powered production batch optimizations.

A lab technician in protective gear uses a tablet to monitor processes in a industrial manufacturing environment.


Improve operations, compliance, and quality by connecting workers with detailed instructions and inspections.

A worker in a yellow hard hat peers intently at machinery, indicating focused inspection or adjustment.


Execute workflows and improve digital inspection and instruction with an industry-specific solution.

A female technician in a blue uniform meticulously assembles components in an industrial manufacturing setting.


Execute workflows and improve digital inspection and instruction with an industry-specific solution.

Two engineers reviewing energy infrastructure plans at dusk with a large electricity pylon in the background.


Execute workflows and improve digital inspection and instruction with an industry-specific solution.

Improve ROI and maximize plant performance

  • 90%

    Reduction in machine faults

  • 50%

    Reduced downtime

  • 50%

    Reduced maintenance

  • 2%

    Increase in energy efficiency

  • 2%

    Increase in yield

  • 3%

    Increase in plant throughput


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SymphonyAI is a “major player” in Manufacturing Execution Systems under process and discrete and high-tech manufacturing.

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SymphonyAI is best-in-class for global artificial intelligence solutions: 2023 Technology Innovation Leadership Award

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