AI-powered IT and enterprise workflows

Launch services quickly, boost productivity, and delight users. SymphonyAI is redefining IT service management and enterprise service management with predictive and generative AI solutions.

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Speed up issue resolution, enhance customer experience, and boost performance with the power of advanced predictive + generative AI

Enterprise IT products

Automate workflows, deliver exceptional service, and simplify work.

Deliver delightful user and employee experiences and unleash untapped productivity with an AI-powered IT and enterprise platform that’s future-proof.

Maximize ROI, improve visibility, and enforce compliance across enterprise IT assets, software licenses, and hardware.

Turn every conversation into an exceptional experience by resolving issues faster, improving productivity, and saving costs.

Accelerate business value by automating service processes and scaling rapidly, working smarter and not harder.

Enterprise IT platform

Refine IT and enterprise service workflows.

Improve workflows, quickly introduce services, build inspirational design, and craft personalized experiences that users love.

Improve visibility into your on-prem and in-cloud IT landscape, discover IT assets, and keep your CMDB and registers updated.

Integrate effortlessly with out-of-the-box solutions built to sync with in-place, predominant enterprise software and platforms.

Enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes with enterprise-grade security compliance and protection.

Highly awarded Enterprise IT software

Simplify work

Streamline processes, reduce complexity, drive collaboration across your enterprise and increase velocity to business.

Unleash productivity

Enhance enterprise productivity by leveraging predictive and generative AI, automation, and low-code and no-code administration.

Delight users

Improve satisfaction by delivering a compelling, omnichannel user experience to your employees, partners, and customers.

Optimize with the Summit Apex platform

Resolve service requests up to 50% faster via agile ITSM/ESM capabilities in a centralized, lightweight platform powered by generative and predictive AI.

Expedite rollouts

Launch and manage services quickly and accelerate deployments with low-code/no-code capabilities.

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Automate services at enterprise scale

Eliminate manual processes and automate service needs with scalable solutions for teams of all sizes.

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