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SymphonyAI is Microsoft's partner of the year for AI innovation
SymphonyAI selected as Microsoft Partner of the Year in Business Transformation: AI Innovation 
Distinction recognizes SymphonyAI’s advanced predictive and generative vertical AI applications

The Eureka AI platform powers all vertical solutions

SymphonyAI tailors the Eureka platform for specific industries to optimize applications for every use case. Vertical-specific skills, agents, predictive models, and knowledge graphs mean SymphonyAI can quickly release vertical predictive and generative AI applications customized to meet the unique needs of workers in each industry.

Vertical expertise and leading AI technology

SymphonyAI combines the best of vertical and horizontal software to address hard problems and deliver concrete results. Gain real-time insights, accurate analysis, efficiency, automation, and process optimization.

Enterprise AI SaaS

The path to value with AI for business

SymphonyAI applications don’t simply explain what happened—they provide the tools to help you understand why and predict what will happen next. The combination of predictive and generative AI offers recommendations and empowers you to ask, “what if?” so you can dynamically respond to changing conditions and optimize operations.

Timely, accurate, actionable

Move beyond reactive historical analysis to real-time proactive insights and actionable predictions of what’s next. Intuitive UI makes SymphonyAI applications uniquely easy to adopt and use, while best-in-class guardrails for privacy, security, compliance, and responsible AI guarantee safety and reliability.

Unique approach to vertical AI

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