Incubated Solutions

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Business relevant intelligent solutions that deliver new insights, discoveries, and actionable intelligence so domain experts can make high-impact business decisions and capture new business value.

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SymphonyAI Accelerate builds on the Eureka enterprise platform to incubate new AI solutions that drive growth in existing or new high-growth verticals.


Combining SymphonyAI’s deep vertical domain expertise with the power of the world’s most advanced AI platform to deliver unparalleled insights, digitally transform business operations, and quickly deliver business benefits.

Consumer Lending

End to end analytics across the entire credit lifecycle improve new loan origination volume, optimize risk and returns, drive operational efficiencies, and minimize loss on problem loans.

ConcertAI solutions drive better patient outcomes with the most comprehensive, integrated set of RWD and AI technologies. The pre-packaged solutions leverage predictive intelligence and the unique Eureka capabilities to increase patient onboarding and adherence, accelerate clinical trial innovation, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and revolutionize care.

Eureka Enterprise AI Platform

Eureka APIs

Analytic Services

Anomaly Detection
Hotspot Detection
Event Series Analysis
Trends and Forecasts

Machine Learning Services

Topological Data Analysis
Unsupervised and Supervised ML
Explainable AI
Model Management and Governance

Data Access, Preparation, and Management Services

Data Integration
Data, Profiling, Catalog and Quality
Auto Transformations and Enrichment
Modeling and Ontology
Data Security and Governance

Core Services

Authentication and Access Control
Auditing and Logging
Cloud Orchestration and Auto-scaling


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Systems Management