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Proceedix honoured with Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award 2019


New York, NY – Proceedix, the leading digital workflow platform, has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award 2019 for SaaS-based digital platform for enterprise procedures, instructions and inspections management.

Frost & Sullivan’s award tops an excellent year for Proceedix. The company concluded three global roll-outs in 2018 and greatly increased its budget for R&D. With offices in the USA and Belgium, Proceedix now has over 40 customers in 4 continents. Proceedix takes a radical user-centric approach in developing its platform: the intuitive design coexists with unique in-depth features, based on a thorough understanding of industry needs. Customers report several benefits when deploying Proceedix: a decrease in administration time and cost, increased execution efficiency on the shop floor and in the field and full compliance and traceability.

“Proceedix’s digital SaaS-based platform allows manufacturing companies to transform all their enterprise procedures, SOPs, OPLs, work instructions, and checklists from paper to digital, and therefore helps them address the challenges associated with paper-based work instructions and inspections,” said Sankara Narayanan, senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

“We are very proud to have received this award. Since 2014, our goal has been to eliminate paper from shop floors. Digital procedures greatly improve the effectiveness of operators, technicians and inspectors by integrating them in the digital ecosystem of the company. The award is a testament to the dedication of the team. It also confirms our belief that digital work instructions and inspections bring added value to our customers worldwide. We are convinced that we are only at the beginning of the paperless revolution,” said Proceedix CEO Peter Verstraeten.

About Proceedix 

Proceedix is a platform to manage enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections in an easy way. We change the way your deskless workers execute work: anytime, anywhere, on smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. With offices in New York, San Francisco and Ghent, Proceedix helps Fortune 500 companies empower deskless workers around the globe.