Press release

Proceedix welcomes the third generation of Google Glass Enterprise Edition


 New York, NY – Yesterday, Google announced the Glass Enterprise Edition 2, the third generation of the company’s smart glasses. As a long-standing partner, Proceedix welcomes the new product and looks forward to continuing its success story with Google Glass in the future.

Thanks to the extended battery life and improved processing power of the Glass EE2, deployments of Glass will prove to become even more effective. Proceedix expects that the Glass EE2 will accelerate the adoption of wearables on shop floors worldwide.

“For the past couple of years our customers have been using Proceedix on Glass EE1 for their shop floor inspections and instructions on a daily basis. We have further optimized our Proceedix app to leverage the power of the new EE2 technology, as it will bring our customers to the next level on their Industry 4.0 roadmap,” said Peter Verstraeten, CEO of Proceedix.

“The deployment of Proceedix on Glass for inspections and instructions at AGCO is an inspiring reference case for any Industry 4.0 roadmap. Our close partnership with Proceedix truly fosters the future of Glass on the shop floor,” said Jay Kothari, Project Lead, Glass.

Proceedix is a certified Google Glass Solution Provider. We provide a complete solution that includes Glass Pods (and Titanium bands or Glass compatible frames) along with software customization, integration, and deployment support.