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SymphonyAI Summit Releases New Service Management Features to Drive Automations and Employee Engagement


New integrations and enhanced features bring greater opportunities for employees to engage with IT through the service desk.

LOS ALTOS, Calif.May 4, 2021 — SymphonyAI Summit, an enterprise-class, AI-driven IT service management solution, today announced new automation and engagement features in its flagship ITSM solution. The new features, part of the recent Tahoe release, drive greater service management automations and create seamless service experiences for employees. The new features include a business rule designer, helpdesk ticket auto-assignment, integration with Microsoft® Teams, dynamic forms based on incident context, SMS notifications, and a “tagging” feature so analysts can add relevant information to incidents and service requests.

“Enterprise service providers use SymphonyAI Summit solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT management while improving efficiency and productivity,” said Satyen Vyas, CEO of SymphonyAI Summit. “The addition of these vital automation features gives service analysts more opportunities and time to do work that makes a greater impact to their organization.”

The business rule designer is built on three layers: trigger, condition, and action. Only once a trigger activates will a condition be set into motion and automatically push an action. The SymphonyAI Summit business rule designer has an easy-to-use, low-code/no-code front end so IT departments can configure specific business rules with reduced dependency on administrators and other teams.

The automatic assignment of tickets is based on an analyst’s online availability. It provides the option to now skip the auto assignment of tickets to analysts who have set their status as ‘away’, ‘do not disturb’, or ‘busy’. An administrator can configure a skip status list from the front end to ensure that tickets are getting to analysts who can help right away.

“Over the past year, it has become greatly apparent that IT needs that ability to interact with employees in real-time, no matter what channel that employee is operating on,” said Vyas. “We are consistently looking for new ways for IT to provide seamless service interactions that are either automated through AI or available to employees when and where they want it.”

By creating the tools enterprise service providers need to resolve more issues rapidly and efficiently, SymphonyAI Summit creates a frictionless experience for employees when they need it the most. With new employee engagement features, SymphonyAI Summit gives employees additional channels and ways to reach IT and achieve faster resolution times.

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams allows analysts to interact with users over the Teams platform for remote desktop connects, appointment management, and major incident communication.
  • An enhanced version of SMS allows customers to focus on keywords through SMS notification templates for more precise and enriched notifications.
  • Dynamic forms based on incident context allow analysts to design context specific questions for different incident scenarios, thereby enabling the end users to provide all the required information upfront.
  • New keyword tagging capabilities for incidents and service requests enables analysts to decrease the operations time by finding the desired records in less clicks.

About SymphonyAI Summit

SymphonyAI Summit is an ITIL-verified service, asset, and operations management solution that leverages the latest advances in AI, machine reasoning, analytics, and automation. SymphonyAI Summit helps enterprise IT leaders and service providers unleash greater productivity within their IT service operations. With AI-driven knowledge intelligence, enterprise service providers use SymphonyAI Summit to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of their IT management while improving efficiency, productivity, predictability, and control. Leading global enterprises across all verticals are delivering exceptional user experiences while lowering their IT costs. SymphonyAI Summit is a portfolio company of SymphonyAI.