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United Breweries streamlines IT operations with SymphonyAI Summit (previously Summus Software) IT management suite


Largest Indian Beer Manufacturer Replaces Legacy Competitor Offering With SymphonyAI Summit Cloud-based IT Management Solution

FREMONT, CA – September 5, 2012 – SymphonyAI Summit Software, a provider of cost-effective and comprehensive cloud-based IT management solutions,today announced United Breweries Limited has successfully implemented the SymphonyAI Summit IT Management Suite, the industry’s most cost-effective, comprehensive, cloud-based IT operations management (ITOM) application suite, to help reduce costs and streamline their IT operations.

United Breweries is the largest beer producer in India, operating 18 breweries nationwide, and the owner of the popular Kingfisher brand of beers.It depends heavily on its internal IT managements systems, to stay operationally efficient across all of its businesses.

Previously, United Breweries had utilized legacy, on-premise IT service management (ITSM++) solutions, different vendor’s tools for network & server monitoring, and Excel spreadsheets. One of its primary challenges was the variety of service desks in place. With incomplete tracking of incidents, incompatible workflows and different interfaces, and inadequate integration into a common database, knowledge sharing and incident resolution became challenging.

In the summer of 2011, United Breweries embarked on a quest to find a comprehensive, yet cost-effective, solution to their IT management challenges. They quickly determined that the cloud-based IT management solution from SymphonyAI Summit Software, SymphonyAI Summit IT Management Suite, was the best option available. Specifically, United Breweries chose the SymphonyAI Summit Service Management and SymphonyAI Summit IT Operations Managementsapplications to meet the company’s need for integrated functionality, comprehensive reporting and cost-effective, cloud-based solutions that worked seamlessly with other cloud-based enterprise applications already in place.

“SymphonyAI Summit Software provided United Breweries with a fully-integrated, comprehensive, cloud-based suite of products that solves our most pressing problems,” said S. Ramakrishnan, divisional vice president of IT, United Breweries Limited. “Not only is it extremely cost-effective, it is very easy to learn, use and maintain. With the SymphonyAI Summit IT Management Suite, we are seeing lower costs, streamlined workflows and automated correlation of IT operations across our many locations.”

It took United Breweries a few short months to go from initial exploration to final implementation of the cloud-based SymphonyAI Summit IT Management Suite, culminating in the official launch in April 2012. United Breweries was able to immediately realize the benefits of comprehensive reporting, extreme ease of use, and the extensive and integrated functionalities. In a fraction of the time previously required, the IT organization was able to determine the status of incidents, respond to users, and build out the knowledge base. Server and network management became easy as calls were logged automatically for any service disruption. In addition, features like service catalog and automated workflows will go a long way in improving United Breweries’ overall customer service.