Press release

Violeta Improves Warehouse Management with Symphony GOLD Solutions


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As of 11 January, 2018 Symphony GOLD became the Retail Solutions Division of SymphonyAI.


PARIS – September 28, 2017 – Violeta’s adoption of the software began in 2016 with the deployment of Symphony GOLD’s Warehouse Management solutions at its first distribution center in Grude, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since then, it has continued with additional deployments at its two other distribution centers in the region, adding significant benefits through overall operational efficiencies.

Specifically, the company improved its supply chain operations through cost optimization, quality of service, and built more efficient order management and distribution processes. In addition, Violeta increased efficiency and productivity across the entire logistics network, enhancing service to its client base. It also significantly increased the security of warehouse processes in distribution centers while extending its ability to support existing business and positioning itself for continued growth in global markets.