Enterprise AI is gaining serious momentum

04.19.2023 | By SymphonyAI team

The momentum behind enterprise AI is yet another indication of its transformative value. In financial services, IT, and manufacturing, AI-driven solutions are helping companies overcome their challenges by enhancing decision-making, modernizing systems and operations, and providing the actionable intelligence necessary for strategic thinking. As PwC  noted in a 2022 business survey, “AI success is becoming the rule, not the exception.” 

The right information to catch criminals faster 

The quicksilver speed of financial crimes and the potentially massive scale of their impact have prompted financial institutions to beef up their investigative and detection tools. Mizuho International, the London-based securities and investment banking arm of Japanese giant Mizuho Financial Group, for example, wanted to uplevel its anti-money laundering detection capabilities in its European capital markets division. 

Mizuho turned to SymphonyAI Sensa’s AI-driven anti-money laundering (AML) solution,  to pinpoint criminal behaviors, anomalies, and hotspots that reveal potentially suspicious activity. As Finextra reported, the company’s superior risk discovery cuts false positives by more than 60 percent and greatly reduces detection time and due diligence costs.  

A well-timed shift 

Multinational cleaning products company Diversey shifted to SymphonyAI Summit’s IT services in 2019. Diversey was reaching the end of its contract with a previous vendor and had to decide whether to hire data scientists to keep the old platform relevant or switch to AI-driven IT service management.    

On the wish list at the time were fast implementation, flexibility, reliability, and adherence to IT infrastructure library, or ITIL, best practices — all of which SymphonyAI Summit offers. But what Diversey couldn’t know was that the pandemic was right around the corner and would not only disrupt its traditional customers in the commercial real estate market but also ratchet up everyone’s demand for cleaning and hygiene products amid vexing supply chain snarls. 

 Ultimately, SymphonyAI Summit’s SaaS solutions put Diversey in a far stronger position in ways they hadn’t anticipated. The company was concerned that its new ITSM platform might compromise its white-glove service during initial implementation. But the new platform retained Diversey’s high standards, created unified visibility across devices, and freed teams from granular tasks so they could focus on improved customer experiences. As Senior ITSM Manager David Payne told Cleaning Hygiene Today, SymphonyAI became a partner that’s “definitely a factor in our growth.”  

Solving previously invisible problems 

Enterprise AI is becoming a game changer in industrial manufacturing. Logan Aluminum, the largest supplier of aluminium can sheet in North America, churns out around 2 million pounds of product annually at its Kentucky facility. The process entails dynamic, precisely calibrated arrays of machinery operating at extremely high speeds. The smallest flaw can result in costly shutdowns. The company needed to optimize performance and reduce operational risks.  

Logan Aluminium chose SymphonyAI Industrial’s ML-based APM 360 to find anomalies and make recommendations in manufacturing workflows before a problem can slow down production lines. The APM 360 software soon identified a hidden motor issue in a hot mill, triggering a meticulous inspection that found an anomaly and probably prevented an expensive failure. In a matter of months, APM 360 freed Logan Aluminium’s people from the burden of manual detection, so they could focus on finding and solving previously invisible problems. The system has paid for itself many times over, reported Plant Services 

 Paper-free, hands-free, better connected 

AI-driven platforms are replacing cumbersome, traditional business operations in other industrial enterprises to boost efficiency and growth. 

 Chicago-based specialty chemical manufacturer Hallstar replaced paper-based, time-consuming processes with a new SymphonyAI Industrial manufacturing execution system that offers real-time inventory management, enhanced batch scheduling for recipes, and better materials management. Importantly, the solution also worked with the distribution control system Hallstar already used to operate and oversee its equipment. As Adhesive & Sealants Industry noted, the new application has eliminated the silos between teams, for better communication, collaboration, and, ultimately, product yields. 

 SANY America, a maker of construction and port equipment, deployed SymphonyAI Industrial’s Proceedix tools to strengthen itsinspection processes. At the company’s plant in Georgia, floor workers were grappling with manual tools, awkward physical positioning, and clunky, disjointed record-keeping. The solution was a connected worker platform with hands-free and connected devices, including wearable technologies like smart glasses, to make inspections 70 percent faster with far greater quality performance, reported Industry Today 

 The same is happening at AGCO, an agricultural machinery company that switched to a platform of OSHA-approved connected-worker devices — hands-free headsets, smartphones, tablets, and other devices to expedite quality control inspections, corrective and preventative actions, and other tasks, The Engineer wrote. Early results indicate that the CW platform has decreased process time by 25 percent.  

 These experiences illustrate how SymphonyAI software streamline operations, jumpstart productivity, and set the stage for growth. Our software doesn’t stop there, though. AI-driven SymphonyAI software uses machine learning and the data that companies generate in their workflows to analyze those operations so that leaders can further improve their businesses. 

This positive trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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