The World’s First Industrial LLM

11.16.2023 | Andy Allison

With SymphonyAI’s launch of the first Industrial LLM, I want to offer some additional perspective on why this is such an important step in the enterprise market. Like many people, I have seen the flood of weekly generative AI hype. When it comes to manufacturing, it’s critical to sort through the details to choose the right strategy and software that meets an enterprise organization’s unique needs.

Introduction: Navigating Through a New Era
In the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, and smart factories, the initiatives are not just about reaching a destination; it’s a journey akin to navigating through a dynamic, digital transformation forest. Each step, powered by innovation and technology, uncovering new pathways, not just leading us to our goals but constantly redefining what the destination looks like. AI and natural language processing, like chatbots and query agents, are revolutionizing how we handle data in manufacturing and industrial processes.

Confronting Data Silos
In our journey with customers through digital transformation, we continue to find a significant hurdle: data silos with complicated analysis. These isolated pockets of data within organizations are a major roadblock to achieving true digital transformation. These silos can mean the difference between a world-class system that provides value to everyday routines and decision-making or a system that struggles to provide accurate and meaningful data in real-time.

Historically, organizations have attempted to address data silos with custom solutions involving the creation of rule engines, expert systems, or highly customized user interfaces tailored to solving specific data-related challenges. These solutions might have proven effective for individual problems. However, they are not composable or time-efficient and fail to provide a comprehensive solution for the many challenges that must be overcome to achieve complete digital transformation. SymphonyAI, known for its leadership in predictive and generative AI, is focused on rapidly overcoming these challenges across industrial sectors.

SymphonyAI’s Industrial LLM: A Game-Changer
SymphonyAI’s Industrial LLM is a scalable solution to the data silo problem. It’s not just about the advanced technology; it’s about the in-depth industrial domain knowledge it brings. The LLM’s training, encompassing a broad range of datasets, makes it an invaluable tool for simplifying complex processes and improving operational efficiency. And in partnership with Microsoft, it addresses the common enterprise concerns on security, data protection, and scalable deployments.

LLM Tailored for Industry
The real advancement in LLMs is their capability to serve specific knowledge domains. SymphonyAI’s LLM is a testament to this, with its ability to understand the nuances and complexities of industrial challenges. The Industrial LLM is built and trained based on real-world experience and fine-tuning of large-scale, unique datasets encompassing sensor data, asset information, events, work orders, expert logs and recommendations, analysis reports, reliability, maintenance, and asset performance insights.

Fine-tuning is when the model’s generated output is evaluated against an intended or known output. This results in a highly focused LLM that excels at specific tasks for industrial manufacturing.

The strength of SymphonyAI’s Industrial LLM starts with its foundational properties:

  • 2 billion tokens
  • 3 trillion data points
  • 500,000+ machine tests
  • 150,000+ components
  • 80,000+ assets
  • 500+ FEMA templates

The Power of Generative AI
The SymphonyAI Industrial LLM is more than just a tool; it’s a window into deeper insights and enhanced efficiency. Through the combination of years of industry experience, machine learning, and generative artificial intelligence, the LLM will answer even the most complex inquiries that can be reached within minutes, not hours or days, as with traditional methods. It will help transform your data into meaningful, actionable insights.

Take the First Step
I encourage you to take the Industrial LLM for a spin. Test the API with your data, query your use case scenarios, or try out the chat interface. It’s a step worth taking to see how powerful this tool can be in real-world applications.

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