Streamline your problem management with auto-created problem records

07.27.2022 | By Mark Speyers

Creating a Problem Record (PR) is one of the first and most important steps of problem management. With end-to-end automation, SymphonyAI Summit helps you eliminate the bottlenecks of daily business operations with automated problem record creation.

To utilize the auto-create feature for your PRs, all you have to do is configure the conditions based on which PRs can be created automatically by the application. You can configure values for the number of Incidents, Category, Classification, Source, and so on to define a condition that will automatically trigger the application to create PRs.

Let’s take a look at how auto-created problem records make the problem management process more transparent and efficient.

Identify Problems as Quickly as Possible

The sooner a PR is created, the sooner you can start the journey of finding a solution. The SymphonyAI Summit problem management module uses powerful AI to thoroughly classify the problem, locate related incidents, and conduct root cause analysis. This saves time and energy for your technicians and allows them to get to the core of the issue at hand in a much more rapid manner.

Automatically Send Notifications or Start a Conference Call

Auto-creation of PRs is further streamlined with the ability to automatically send related notifications or even start a conference call so that your teams can begin forging the path forward. This not only keeps everyone on the same page, but also saves additional time and energy.

Remove the Risk of Human Error

People make mistakes – it’s natural! But when your PRs are auto-created, it allows you to take human error out of the equation. Your technicians no longer have to worry about manually logging each problem that arises, freeing them up to use their talents where they matter most. They can trust that this process will be handled quickly, thoroughly, and without the issues that can arise when distraction or disorganization come into play.

Increase Your Efficiency with SymphonyAI Summit

At SymphonyAI Summit, we are committed to improving your IT service management experience. We believe in the power of AI-driven knowledge intelligence to make your processes faster and easier. To learn more about streamlining your problem management with auto-created problem records, contact us here or schedule a demo today.

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