System administrator appreciation day!

07.30.2021 | By Mark Speyers

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day! Occurring every year on the last Friday of July, SysAdmin Day is a 24-hour event dedicated to our SysAdmins in honor of all they do. System Administrator Appreciation Day was created to recognize all System Administrators. It’s nice to have a dedicated day where we can shower our sysadmins with the appreciation they deserve.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that these wonderful humans help make the world turn. What have SysAdmins accomplished over the past year and a half, here’s a list (just to name a few):

  • Updated and upgraded so many capabilities to ensure you could access your company’s network or VPN
  • Purchased, launched, and trained you on collaboration tools to ensure you could stay in touch with your teams
  • Launched an unprecedented asset management tracking and recovery program when you took your work station home
  • Remoted into your at-home work station to help you connect to your personal internet or printer
  • Supported you as you vented your frustrations over every tech issue during quarantine

And, now, they are preparing or have already executed the lofty task of helping you get back into the office. They are constantly on the move, making sure everything IT is running as smoothly as possible. SysAdmins make sure our technological lives are never interrupted, no matter where your work station is or might be moving to. 

We want to encourage everyone to thank your sysadmins for all the work they do to keep all the technology, well, operational. If you’re not in the office, and can’t provide the perfect pizza party or an epic high five, here are a few ways to thank your SysAdmins in 2021:

  • A quick Slack or Teams message sharing your gratitude.
  • Using the Service Portal to submit your ticket or request (instead of Slacking, emailing, or calling them direct).
  • Send them a digital gift card to cover their lunch or dinner (DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats).

While we all might no longer be centralized it’s important to appreciate the criticality of technology and IT support teams that make our days more productive.

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