What does 2019 hold in store for service management?

12.21.2018 | By Mark Speyers

At SymphonyAI Summit, we’ve seen a lot of change when it comes to IT management. New and emerging technologies are affecting the industry at break-neck speed.

And yet, there are still a lot of areas in need of improvement. We hear from our customers all of the time about their struggles to do more with less while also delivering superior service and reduced time. Things are becoming increasingly complex all of the time.

Based on our conversations with customers and our own observations of the industry, we’ve identified a few overall trends we expect to see continuing in 2019:

AI and automation will be key

Artificial intelligence and automation aren’t just buzzwords – along with machine reasoning, these technologies truly are game-changers when it comes to IT management.

Think about all of the mundane, repetitive tasks that IT service employees have to grapple with – imagine how much more productive your team could be if they could instead focus more on actual problems and solutions?

That’s what AI, machine reasoning and automation offer our industry. By adding intelligence to a whole range of management tasks, there’s the potential for up to 50 percent of repetitive, manual tasks to be resolved instantly. This is huge!

With the growth in adoption of these technologies, IT service employees can focus on bigger, more important issues and provide employees with “consumer-like” IT services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers using our SymphonyAI Summit solution are already seeing these kinds of benefits: costs are being reduced, productivity is increasing and employees are more engaged.

Increased complexity is the reality

No big shock here – complexity is only going to get more so in 2019. Hybrid cloud adoption, new middleware architecture components, micro services architectures and DevOps are here to stay and are having a significant impact on IT management. There’s no way around it – complexity is the new reality and IT management solutions must factor this in.

So long, siloes!

Within any enterprise, there’s a high likelihood that other departments – such as human resources, legal or procurement – could benefit from the same type of service management tool used by the IT department. And yet, this is rarely the case. But in 2019, we will see more companies adopting Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and increasing overall productivity. In fact, many organizations are already moving to this type of approach, in which employees across multiple departments use one tool, platform or suite to file requests, report incidents and request services.

This breaking down of the old-fashioned siloed approach, can provide not only a sense of continuity enterprise-wide but also save money on dealing with multiple vendors. We strongly believe in this holistic approach at SymphonyAI Summit. After all, our solutions are designed with a focus on addressing service levels, tracking response and maintaining trails. And these are definitely attributes that other departments can truly benefit from – why let IT have all of the fun? It’s time to cut down the chaos and welcome the world of ESM.

Change, we welcome you

Imagine a world in which slow service ticket responses are a thing of the past and service management isn’t treated as a burden. This isn’t far-fetched; it’s completely possible. As we approach 2019, the SymphonyAI Summit team looks forward to a whole new era for IT management as it transitions to ESM. We can’t wait for what the next year brings.

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