5 Ways Revedia Digital Accelerates FAST Distribution Workflows

03.16.2023 | Ray Gilmartin

Nobody can look away from the meteoric rise in FAST: the number of new FAST channels, overall FAST viewership, and advertising revenue on FAST platforms.

Our product team has been working behind the scenes to expand the capabilities of the Revedia Digital platform to help content sellers improve revenue workflows for FAST, alongside SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, cable, and broadcast – so you can take advantage of the increasing monetization opportunities that FAST presents.

That includes purpose-built features such as automated data ingestion and normalization, content and distributor analytics, and financial reporting that help you accelerate recurring workflows and optimize your revenue.

Take a look at the top five highlights from our live demo to see how Revedia’s FAST capabilities help accelerate your workflows and deliver better insight into FAST performance. You can see the features live in this on-demand video (25 minutes) to learn more.


1) Automated data ingest and normalization

Once FAST channels launch, content sellers start collecting (or receiving from distributors) both content performance data (minutes streamed, number of unique streams, etc.) and revenue data (earnings and payments).

You can extract valuable insights from this data, but there are two major obstacles in the way.

  • The time-consuming task of data entry that’s required to aggregate FAST data in a centralized database
  • The enormous difficulty of normalizing FAST data into a common schema to facilitate analysis (when formats vary and lack common standards)
Revedia for FAST - Data Ingest
Revedia Digital can import and normalize data from any FAST platform.


Revedia Digital offers fast, flexible data aggregation and ingest. You can can enter data manually, fetch FAST reports from cloud-based file repositories, or leverage API integrations to ingest FAST distributor data directly from the source as it becomes available.

After ingest, Revedia Digital automatically normalizes your data, mapping it into our proprietary Revedia Universal Schema (RUS) to provide a single source of truth and enable downstream analysis.


2) Content performance trends, comparison, and insights

Once your data has been ingested and normalized into Revedia, you have a single source of truth to understand content trends, compare asset performance, and make predictions at the distributor, channel, and asset level.

Content sellers use Revedia Digital’s interactive dashboard to filter through content performance data and create customized views that reveal useful insights and answer key questions such as:

  • How much revenue have we earned from content in the past month, year, or YTD?
  • How many user sessions or minutes of viewership did our content generate in the past month, year, or YTD?
  • Which distributors, channels, or shows are driving the most viewership or contributing the most revenue to our bottom line?
  • How does a FAST channel’s revenue performance compare from one platform to another?
  • How much viewership does a specific program generate on our FAST channel in a 2 p.m. time slot vs. a 5 p.m. time slot?

As any content seller knows, answering these questions normally takes hours or days of manual data entry, analysis, and verification to resolve. Revedia Digital delivers insight in a few clicks.

Revedia FAST - data graph
Revedia can display content performance and revenue data in wide variety of formats.


3) Financial reporting capabilities

Media finance is getting even more complicated by the nuances of FAST distribution. Established content sellers typically need to satisfy complex requirements for financial audits, compliance standards, GAAP, SOC, organizational standards, and best practices. Maintaining accurate, referenceable records comes with its own set of demands:

  • Download the Revedia Digital Solution GuideStoring reported datasets and revenues in a secure, financially controlled system of record (ore more often, many systems)
  • Properly accruing and forecasting content performance and distributor revenue
  • Performing adjustments to revenue and other bases upon which accrual was derived
  • Maintaining an aging ledger of outstanding accounts receivable balances due
  • Creating invoices for payment as required by distributors

Revedia Digital functions as a system of record for reported datasets and revenues earned and paid, providing a single source of financial truth. With Revedia, you can easily compare distributor financial performance, manage cash flows, and model future revenue scenarios to optimize strategic planning.

Content sellers can also use Revedia Digital to automate month-end close activities like generating accruals, locking in general ledger numbers, and fiscal reporting.


4) Royalty and agreement compliance analysis

FAST distribution agreements contain many different terms, including agreement dates and payment terms, royalty percentages, and minimum guarantees,. Finance and compliance teams need visibility of these terms to understand how individual agreements are performing and whether distributors are reporting and paying in compliance with the terms of their licensing deal.

Revedia Digital unifies the data associated with FAST licensing deals on a single platform, giving you clarity and visibility to verify that your organization is being paid accurately, and paying out royalty fees, according to agreement terms.

Revedia for FAST - Agreements
Use Revedia to see an overview of your various deals and verify agreement compliance.


Revedia Digital can be configured to automatically detect and alert on anomalies and payment discrepancies, streamlining the payment validation process, and empowering content sellers to quickly detect and investigate potential compliance issues.


5) Sophisticated data management

Revedia Digital offers sophisticated data management capabilities that give content sellers the flexibility to engage with their data in three important ways.

First, Revedia Digital’s software interface features a customizable dashboard offering dynamic visualizations of FAST distributor data. From here, you can view content performance and revenue data, as well as filter it to generate custom views and uncover new insights.

Revedia for FAST - Dashboard
Use the dashboard view to see high-level metrics for the past month or year.


Second, Revedia Digital integrations make it possible to consume and analyze FAST data using your preferred business intelligence (BI) tools with robust integrations.

Third, content sellers who wish to move data to another storage medium, examine data manually, or analyze data using third-party software can use our data export feature to download normalized FAST data in the desired format.


Want to learn more about Revedia Digital for FAST?

Content sellers who want to make the most of FAST investments rely on Revedia Digital to optimize workflows and deliver valuable insight.

This post only covers five use cases, but our full demo introduces even more capabilities designed to provide an immediate advantage when it comes to optimizing FAST.

Ready to learn more?

Watch our 25-minute video on demand to explore more of Revedia’s capabilities for FAST.

Or, schedule an interactive demo and we’ll show you ourselves.

We’re glad to show you what makes Revedia the platform of choice for managing, optimizing, and predicting FAST performance.

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