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Paperless lab inspections with digital workflow execution platform

01.02.2024 | By Mark Speyers

“Performing our 5S/5M lab inspections paperless and mobile is a fine example of how digitization contributes to lean and sustainable process management.”

The GSK RDC Digi-check team of Rixensart

Glaxosmithkline biologicals

GSK is a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer.
GSK Vaccines R&D focuses on developing vaccines against infectious diseases that combine high medical need and strong market potential. The site at Rixensart is one of the large R&D centers of GSK, taking care of research, development and manufacturing of vaccines.


The team of GSK RDC at Rixensart, regularly performs 5S/5M and EHSS inspections of a broad range of labs, each with specific characteristics in terms of their configuration and their activities. While some inspection tasks are standard for all labs, a series of inspection tasks and attention points differ by lab. Whenever an issue is observed, it needs to be fully documented and an action to resolve or improve must be initiated. Administrating and coordinating these inspection processes with forms and mails was challenging.


Proceedix is a digital instruction and inspection execution platform, guiding the inspector in a step-bystep approach. Depending on upstream result recordings, the person is automatically routed into the correct path. Enriching inspection tasks with technical equipment specifications or with explanatory videos provides comfort to the inspector in case of doubt. By scanning the lab door, the 5S workflow can be automatically tailored to the characteristics and needs of the particular lab being inspected. Replacing a form by the Proceedix digital workflow assures inspectors know exactly what to check where and how.


The GSK RDC team experienced various benefits of this digitization initiative:

  • The solution provides indisputable proof that inspections were followed for each control element by the right person at the right time and place, guaranteeing 100% execution compliance.
  • Taking out manual report writing, manual information sharing via emails, excel based issue tracking and individual reminder management, reduces the administrative workload burden.
  • The platform empowers the connected inspector and embeds continuous improvement in the operations DNA.


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