Case study

Vandemoortele eliminates paper in food production facility in Zeewolde (NL).

08.11.2023 | By Mark Speyers

“Once started in production the benefits of Proceedix for other departments, and mainly the possibility for communication between different departments was seen. Nowadays Proceedix is integrated in the daily way of working for production, maintenance department, HSE, facility and quality.”

Vandemoortele Zeewolde Operations Team

The Vandemoortele Zeewolde (NL) factory aimed to start an autonomous maintenance project for its production line operators. The regular way of working used to be on paper. For example, the proposal for improvement of a procedure by the production team was filled in on a paper form. These proposals were reviewed regularly, but there was a need for more insight in the status of the review and a better communication about the actions. Paper instruction and inspections were used in production, maintenance, Health Safety and Environment, facility and quality assurance.

With the Proceedix digital work instruction and inspection workflow execution platform, Vandemoortele Zeewolde managed to eliminate paper throughout the factory operations.

Instructions are enriched with movies to show operators how to inspect the different machines, allowing them to detect any faults in an early stage and to prevent stops of the production line. The agreed standards of 5S and cleanliness of every machine on the production floor are captured in pictures and put in a procedure workflow in Proceedix. During shift transfers this procedure is executed and any deviations with the standard is photographed and registered for follow-up discussion and action. With this approach the agreed standard is continuously monitored and managed. Nowadays Proceedix is integrated in the daily way of working for production, maintenance department, HSE, facility and quality. Proceedix has brought Zeewolde a paperless way of working, improved registration, and better communication between all departments.

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