Case study

U.S. Grocer achieves simplicity, data synchronization, and improved functionality after migrating Shelf Planning to the cloud

07.28.2022 | By Mark Speyers


This midsized U.S. grocer serves the Hispanic market. Its 30 locations offer 12,000 SKUs in some 60+ categories. The retailer is committed to continually improving the shopper experience across all of the stores in its growing chain. To keep current with and maintain efficiencies company-wide, the grocer wanted to update its existing desktop-based SymphonyAI Retail | CPG shelf planning solution with the newer SaaS technology from Symphony.



Already a product user of SymphonyAI shelf planning capabilities, the company’s IT Director and Space Manager sought the advantages of migrating to the SymphonyAI’s Shelf Planning and Category Planning Platform to simplify administration and maintenance while improving the ability to keep current with new features and functions.


The retailer selected Shelf Planning and the Category Planning Platform from SymphonyAI to replace the older desktop space planning tool. Symphony’s cloud-based SaaS solution combines the simplicity of a single-platform solution with the ability to help create shopping experiences catered to their local consumer. The company creates store-specific space plans while improving planner productivity and accuracy. The locally catered plans in turn contribute to increased customer satisfaction and consistently achieving category performance goals. Users experienced a short learning curve and increased productivity due to new functionality, easier reporting, and better data management. The Platform provides a host of options for the grocer to expand into.


With the streamlined SaaS architecture to replace the older desktop version, the company’s managers saw enhanced productivity, while the IT team gained the benefit of reduced maintenance effort and more seamless, timely feature upgrades as SymphonyAI continues to deliver product enhancements. With its data now integrated across multiple courses, including performance data and customer data, automated synchronizing takes place with no required oversight from a DBA. The result: lower IT overhead and increased efficiencies. Now in the process of evaluating SymphonyAI’s next-generation shelf planning, the company will be able to strategically deploy additional modules powered by the same database, confident that it already contains robust, accurate and current data. In addition, the new modules will provide users a seamless extension of current capabilities with the same user interface, reducing training requirements and speeding time to value.

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