The chemistry of Industry 4.0

SymphonyAI team

It only takes 2 minutes to understand the Industry 4.0 evolution. This video explains how the basic atoms of Industry 4.0 allow us to build disruptive technology platforms.


In the enterprise of tomorrow, humans, machines and products communicate with each other, coöperately driving a transparent value chain. This is not just a futuristic dream, it is the industry 4.0 evolution taking place.

There are 4 main atoms that make up the industry 4.0 technology.

The first atom we call connectivity. It’s the internet connectivity that has become available anywhere, anytime. Via 3G or 4G Wifi or bluetooth, we connect wherever we want.

The second atom is the processor. They have been growing exponentially in terms of power over the last years, while their cost has gone down and their size has been decreasing too. This is called Moores law.

The third atom is represented by the sensor. Sensors have become cheaper and smaller too. Through wireless connection, they are able to send their data to the internet. Various types of sensors are being created to measure all kinds of parameters.

The fourth type of atom is what we call the algorithm or software and these are leveraging the power of processors and are evermore capable to handle complex problems.

Industry 4.0 is composed of technology atoms that have become substantially more powerful and abundantly present. These atoms allow us to make very powerful technology platforms. Industry 4.0 technology platforms are creative combinations of processors, sensors, algorithms and internet connectivity. 3D printing, cobots and robots, drones, wearable technology and augmented reality, cloud computing, simulation software, big data analytics software and artificial intelligence are some of the new technology molecules building the industry 4.0 biosphere.

And out of these powerful technology molecules we build large interconnected engineering control systems. We call them cyber physical systems.

These creative technology structures are the cornerstones of new business models, disrupting traditional market powers.

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