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As the COVID-19 pandemic radically disrupted work environments, the first priority has been crisis response: emphasizing health and safety, essential services, and the virtualization of work and upskilling. As organizations focus on reopening and/or restoring the workplace effectively, efficiently, and especially safely, it is critical to understand and evaluate the options available. So organizations today have started to focus on workplace safety using technology to ensure that employees are safe post they return to work . Majority organizations are moving towards having a specialized technology partner in place and offering more than just insurance and simple safety benefits to employees. Workplace safety today gives tools, social support and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy workplaces.

In this webinar you will know:

  • How to manage workplace safety
  • Strategies to follow for healthy workplaces
  • How to leverage technology for workplace safety


Satyen Vyas

Chief Executive Officer – SymphonyAI Summit

Satyen has led the company’s growth from a start-up to a global entity with customers and partners in North America, India, Southeast Asia and GCC. Prior to SymphonyAI Summit, he was a Vice President at IBM in India and South Asia, where he was instrumental in growing the company’s x-Series servers to a market leadership position. He also served as General Manager for mid markets at Dell India, and spent 12 years building Vitage Group into a leading IT systems integration and services player in the Indian market. Satyen holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Nagpur University and a post-graduate degree in management from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.


Sebastian Foo

Head of HR – Singapore HR

Sebastian Foo is the Head of HR, Singapore HR for a world leader in the supply of semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment and materials as well as surface mount technology solutions. In his role, he focuses in the areas of workforce development, organizational design and change management, workforce engagement and employee experience. He builds credible and sustainable relationships with both contractual and community stakeholders regionally and globally by blending strategic HR and operational expertise to create and deliver value to the organization. Sebastian had successfully introduced fresh perspectives and spearheaded exciting regional and global HR projects and aligned progressive HR interventions to business objectives. He covers extensively governance, risk and compliance (GRC) topics in areas such as workplace safety and health and is a OH&S MS Lead Auditor for ISO45001 and OHSAS18001, among others. Outside of work, he volunteers actively in national HR initiatives and taskforces, as well as in various communities of practice (CoP), and is now serving in a key leadership position within the semiconductor HR industry group. Sebastian graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from University of London. He also holds a Master of Science in Skills and Workforce Development from Cardiff University. He is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and IHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP).



Tham Chien Ping (CP)

SHRM Representative & Master Facilitator, Singapore

CP is a HR Leader based in Singapore with more than 10 years of combined experience in HR Business Partnering, Learning, Talent and Organisation Development locally and regionally in Asia. A SHRM-SCP, he has also been supporting the offsite and onsite content development for SHRM since 2016, spoken at SHRM conferences and was recently appointed as the SHRM Representative and Master Facilitator in Singapore, supporting the strategic partnership with the Institute of HR Professionals, a local HR accreditation body and to support SHRM’s outreach in Singapore and the regional countries. He is also active in providing consultancy, training and facilitated workshops to corporates, government agencies and non-profit organisations, lectures in the evenings and weekends at a local HR institute and holds multiple global accreditations through his work and assignments in areas such as change management, organisation, learning and career development. Besides being a SHRM-SCP, CP is also an accredited senior HR professional in Singapore, UK, Australia and Canada and volunteers in various capacities such as being a mentor to younger HR professionals and being involved to uphold the professional and ethical standards.CP has a MSc in I/O Psychology from Baruch College, City University of New York, and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He has numerous graduate qualifications namely in HR Management, Career Counselling, Adult Learning and Education. In 2017, he graduated from the Organisation Development Certificate Program from the renowned NTL Institute in the United States.

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