Generative AI in ITSM


Generative AI and Copilot are revolutionizing the technology landscape, offering unprecedented gains in productivity, quality improvement, cost reduction, and a wealth of new opportunities for innovation. McKinsey predicts that, Generative AI alone could contribute a staggering $13 trillion to the global economy by 2030. GitHub’s study highlights a 56% increase in task completion speed for software developers utilizing Copilot. Microsoft estimates that Copilot could lead to annual savings of $100 billion for the software industry. These transformative tools are reshaping the technology landscape and unlocking new realms of innovation.

This webinar delved into the application of Generative AI and Copilot in ITSM.

– Roy Atkinson, CEO – Clifton Butterfield, LLC
– Tim Lawes, Sr. Director, Sales – America, SymphonyAI Summit

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