How AI is Transforming Enterprise Service Management

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This webinar discusses how AI can be used to improve ESM by automating tasks, providing insights into data, and predicting future events. It also reviews the benefits of AI for ESM, such as improved efficiency, reduced costs, and improved employee satisfaction.

We review the role of automation in ESM and how it can be used to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We look at the challenges of automation in ESM, such as ensuring that the right tasks are automated, and that the automation is robust and reliable.

We dive into the impact of AI and automation on employee experience, and how these technologies can be used to improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. We look at the challenges of AI and automation for employee experience, such as ensuring that employees are not replaced by machines and that they are given the skills they need to work with these technologies.

Join us as we explore the future of ESM, how AI and automation are likely to play a role, and the challenges and opportunities that organizations will face as they adopt these technologies.

Doug Tedder, Owner and Principal Consultant, Tedder Consulting LLC
Tim Lawes, Sr. Director, Sales – America, SymphonyAI Summit

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