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Digital Employee Experience (DEX) The new frontier for ITSM

02.23.2023 | By Mark Speyers
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One of the many changes the IT service management (ITSM) industry saw during the global pandemic was the rise in employee (or end-user) expectations and the increasing consideration of employee experience as a measure of an IT organization’s performance and value. The growth in the latter was confirmed in the AXELOS 2023 ITSM Benchmarking Report, where 67% of survey respondents stated that their organizations understand the need to deliver a better employee experience, with another 18% expecting them to in 2023. Only 9% of respondents thought their organizations would never see the need for improving the employee experience.

It’s a significant change for IT organizations that have long employed best-practice IT metrics that measure performance from the IT supplier rather than the end-user perspective. This approach has caused a disconnect between IT’s view of their service and support capabilities and those of end-users. Importantly, this disconnect is hidden for many IT departments because they continue to perform well within the parameters of their chosen metrics and cannot see where the end-users struggle with the services and support they receive.

The solution to this disconnect and its unwanted impact, is using employee experience to better measure and understand how the corporate IT organization is meeting employee and business needs.

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