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Ask anyone why they work at SymphonyAI, and the answer is the same: the people. Together, we’ve created a dynamic, results-driven, inspiring environment. Our solutions help industry giants run more efficiently as they navigate their data-driven future. Join our team to be part of the enterprise AI transformation and gain invaluable experience at the cutting edge of technology.

SymphonyAI values

Graphic of a profile silhouette with a pink to magenta gradient, symbolizing fast-paced innovation or creative thought.
Innovation at speed

We innovate predictive and generative AI-based solutions at a rapid tempo to deliver on the market opportunities that are revolutionizing industries.

A silhouette of a person's head encircled by swirling blue layers, representing customer focus and engagement.
Customer focus

We focus on delivering the highest possible value to our customers with time to initial value in weeks and months, with our vertical-specific AI-powered solutions.

An upward arrow within a multicolored arc, depicting growth and targeted performance.
Targeted performance

We are laser-focused on the outcomes that matter and focus on the right measurements that drive high-growth business results.

Two abstract figures with a fluid connection, in blue and orange, symbolizing unity and collaboration.
Unified as one

We are unified as one team like a world class orchestra. Individually we excel at our craft, together we have the scale, credibility, recognition, and expertise to perform.

“The diversity of cultures and business perspective has enriched my professional experience and has provided invaluable learning.”

Janet Gomez
Director of Operations

“Working with the world’s largest AI SaaS company is definitely enriching. The best thing is the autonomy with which we operate and innovate.”

Debashish Banerjee
Senior Manager, Product Marketing

“During my internship at SymphonyAI, I not only improved my technical skills but also gained a global perspective on data science. It was collaborative and enriching and went beyond borders.”

Nadjat Sidi Moussa
Forecast Data Scientist Intern

“A fantastic global company with great work/life balance in a growing industry.”

Henry Fosdike
Content Manager

“What I like about SymphonyAI is the possibility to work with extremely talented people from all over the world who are willing to design and deliver innovative products.”

Ernesto Laval
Software Architect & Prototype Developer

Employee voices

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How we hire

1. Resume review

During this stage, our recruiting team reviews resumes to assess candidates’ qualifications and experience, ensuring alignment with our job requirements.

2. Recruiter screen

In this initial screening, qualified candidates have a preliminary discussion with a recruiter to evaluate their interest, skills and qualifications, availability, and broader general fit for the role. We’ll also share as much as we can about SymphonyAI and the role, while answering any high-level questions you may have.

3. Hiring manager interview

Candidates who pass the initial Recruiter Screen will typically have an interview with the hiring manager. This stage focuses on discussing the role more in-depth and assessing the candidate’s potential contributions. This is a great opportunity to ask detailed questions to understand the role more thoroughly.

4. Skills assessments

Depending on the position, candidates may be asked to complete skills assessments or take-home assignments. This helps us gauge your practical abilities related to the job.

5. Focused, one-on-one interview

In this stage, candidates will meet with key team members for more specific interviews, diving into technical or role-related questions to thoroughly assess your suitability. These interviews are typically competency based, with each interviewer having a few specific focus areas directly tied to the role.

6. Reference checks

Prior to extending a formal offer, we conduct reference checks with previous managers, teammates, and employees to gather insights into your work history and performance.

7. Offers

We’re excited to extend job offers to candidates that successfully complete our interview process!

Perks and benefits

Health and wellbeing

Elevate your vitality with our comprehensive health and wellbeing package, ensuring you thrive both in and out of the workplace.

Life and income protection

Secure your future with peace of mind. Our life and income protection benefits provide a safety net, supporting you and your loved ones in times of need.

Retirement planning

Plan for a retirement that matches your dreams. Our dedicated retirement planning assistance empowers you to build a financial future that aligns with your goals.

Time off

Recharge, reset, and rejuvenate. Enjoy a generous time off policy that allows you to create a healthy work-life balance.

Global EAP

We’ve got your back. Our Employee Assistance Program offers support, counseling, and resources to enhance your mental and emotional well-being, no matter where you are.


Our vibrant culture fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging you to bring your authentic self to work every day.

Belonging at SymphonyAI

Committed to inclusion

At SymphonyAI we strive to create a compelling culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’re laser-focused on innovation, with targeted efforts to provide equal opportunities and bring people together. Our goal is to foster a unified environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered. With our diverse team, we bring the power of AI to business, making a significant positive impact for industries and their customers.

Let’s join forces and make a unified difference together!

We’re here to help! If you need assistance with your application, please reach out to us at

Inclusive Hiring

We are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible interviewing experience. We want you to showcase your skills and knowledge to their best advantage and your comfort and accessibility are of utmost importance to us.

Please let us know if you require any accommodations during the recruitment process. Requests for accommodations are confidential. To request accommodations, please send an email to

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further information.

We cannot wait to meet you.

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