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Sensa Copilot

What is Sensa Copilot?

Sensa Copilot is available as part of the SymphonyAI Sensa Investigation Hub case management system and helps resolve financial crime investigations up to 70% faster. Sensa Copilot harnesses the power of generative AI to source, summarize, and analyze data, freeing up investigators to focus on making informed decisions.

Interrogating all relevant sources including internal systems, third-party data, and curated web searches to collect information available on the activity of a suspicious entity, Sensa Copilot is able to be interacted with via an intuitive, chat-style window.

Context-aware, it calibrates its response to best suit a financial institution’s needs across anti-money laundering, payment fraud, sanctions, and KYC/CDD.

Learn more about Sensa Copilot.

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