Financial crime, risk management, and fraud detection and prevention

Advanced analytics to detect and prevent fraud across banking, financial markets, and insurance. Schedule your interactive demo to see how SymphonyAI can deliver significant improvements in false positive reduction, fraud detection and prevention, and behavior anomaly detection.

  • End-to-end, adaptable platform designed to deliver power and flexibility
  • Optimized alerting with 30 – 70% less manual review
  • Effective detection of anomalous behavior
  • Speed deployment and reduce cost overhead with a seamless investigator journey

SymphonyAI has packaged configurations to meet the requirements of different financial service businesses. These configurations can be delivered in full-cloud, hybrid-cloud, or on premise.


SymphonyAI is a global leader in innovative software and solutions for regulatory compliance, fraud, and financial crime detection, investigation, and reporting. Through advanced AI/ML and end-to-end, scalable software, SymphonyAI accelerates investigator workflows, detects more potentially criminal activity, and brings transparency and explainability to compliance operations. Solutions include AML transaction monitoring, customer due diligence, watch list management, and more.

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