Connected Worker

Digital work inspections

Industries where compliance is a critical issue, execute thousands of inspections on a regular basis. Use a variety of devices making it easier, faster and fully traceable.

Critical elements of digital inspections

Real-time statistics

Your workers can easily consult the statistics of historical measurements or observations during their inspections and audits.

Detailed log of execution

After an audit or inspection, you can receive a detailed execution report.

Export data

Export your data to create custom reports and track your KPI’s.

Add media files

Let your operators take pictures or record videos during inspections to document audits. All uploaded media files are automatically logged with the checklist execution details.

Digital Inspections use cases

Preventive maintenance

Digital checklists are the ultimate tool for asset monitoring and preventive maintenance inspections. Proceedix’s interactive control support improves alertness and proves the principle that prevention is better than cure.

Process control

Monitoring the lines or installations is an essential activity in the process industry. Use digital checklists to keep better track of process data.

Quality control

Trust is good, but verification is better. With mobile checklists for quality control, you never have to worry about whether the inspector used the latest version of a procedure. Proceedix is fully digital and always up to date.

Field services

Field employees use checklists to execute audits and inspections in the field. Whether driving to an accident location for an insurance assessment or to a site for infrastructure inspection, Proceedix is the key to getting the job done right the first time.