Connected Worker

Digital Work Instructions

Work instructions tell the operator how to perform a task. Good work instructions ensure uniformity in execution and reduce mistakes, increasing efficiency.

Critical elements of digital work instructions

Complex workflows

Proceedix handles complex workflows flawlessly, covering conditional logic and repetitive actions.

Dynamic data

Proceedix is able to dynamically alter the content of your instructions based on the subject. This way you avoid creating hundreds of work instructions for items with options or for product variants.

Action management

An operator can notify a third person during the execution of a work instruction. If your operator encounters a problem, he or she can easily alert a technician or a supervisor and provide contextual information.

Work with planning

Schedule workflow execution in advance with our planning functionality.

Visual guidance

You can help your operators handle difficult tasks by adding rich media files (images, videos, tables) with additional background information.

Use cases


Step-by-step guidance for repair tasks ensures the right actions are taken in the right order. Proceedix helps technicians get it right the first time, promoting operational excellence.

Field services

Inspectors rely on how-to instructions to help them perform their complex and diverse tasks in the field. Proceedix mobile technology is the key to getting the job done right the first time.

Shop floor activities

In the digital shop floor of the future, operators and team leaders are empowered with instruction support on mobile and wearable devices. Proceedix replaces all paper-based workflows with online, digital and interactive processes.

Logistic operations

In a distribution center 4.0 the logistic team relies on mobile technology and smart eyewear. Digital and dynamic picking instructions are made available in the blink of an eye, embedding a first-time-right approach for complex logistic flows.