Drag and Drop Controls

Elevate the form to next level with the help of drag and drop controls.

drag drop controls


Simplifies application design, Service Portal enhancement, and user engagement.

Create, design, and customize your forms like a Pro with less technical know-how, using magical drag and drop interface.



Empower users to create asset without any coding knowledge.


Enable agile adaptation to changing needs of the business.


Achieve more in less time with a simplified  no-code approach. 


Enhance customization & allow organizations to adapt to their offerings.

Use cases


An organization needs a more user-friendly way to customize and create tailored asset forms.


  • Utilize the drag-and-drop control feature to easily design and modify asset forms. 
  • Add categories, asset types, and inventory details with a no-code approach. 
  • Configure different fields for asset details seamlessly.


Streamlining the asset allocation process is a priority to reduce manual efforts.


  • Integrate drag-and-drop controls to design asset allocation workflows with ease, automating repetitive tasks.
  • Educate asset managers about the new allocation workflow.
  • Optimize asset allocation processes by reducing manual work and enhancing efficiency.


An organization needs to efficiently configure asset movement processes to ensure accurate tracking and timely relocation of assets within your facility.


  • Use drag and drop controls to create and customize asset movement workflows.
  • Define workflow stages, approval steps, and notification triggers. 
  • Enable asset managers to optimize asset movement process by leveraging these workflows.